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My Crater lake ride report.

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by Jeffytune, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Hi all.

    I have been a bit bizzy and all so I know I am a bit late posting this.
    I had to write a articular for my clubs newsletter and still fix cars and all.
    So, I planned this ride for over a year, and pre-ran it at the beginning of the month, it was a great three day ride and I am happy to report back that even taking these Harley's over some very twisted roads we all made it back home safe and sound.
    We left on Friday Aug. 18th out of the Tigrad Harley dealer and ran down hwy 18 to Lincoln city, then down 101 on the cost. That day here in Portland was over 100, but on the coast we were dodging cloud banks and it never got over 75....a prefect day for riding in leathers.
    We did manage to miss the traffic by leaving early enough, the day was one of stopping for some photos and just cruising having fun. We stayed the night in Port Orfort Oregon. People always seem to ask me why Port Orfort? Well, it is a small fishing village with some beautiful views of the coast and cool little port, some very good restaurants and the Sea Crest inn, and very nice older hotel on the coast for 60 bucks a night. The breakfast place in town is the Paradise Cafe, there pancakes are the size of the dinner platter thick cut bacon and home made sausage....MMMMMMM.
    Day 1 was in the books and as we started out on day two I knew this would be the long day, 365 miles of twisted roads, some mild, others more of a challenge. We first rode back to Bandon to go east of 42S, a very fun road. we then rode it to Hwy 42 and took that through the coast range to Winston. We then had to ride down I-5 (Boring) to Canyonville (Exit 99) and had lunch and Kens sidewalk cafe, one of the best Hamburgers in the state (IMHO). After lunch we took a road called Tiller Trail/Hwy 227. This is a very unique road, and one of the best motorcycle roads in the state. The first part is mellow and softly weaves it way up the valley floor to Days Creek, then it changes to a wide 2 lane hwy as it cuts into the mountains to the city of Tiller. Once you leave Tiller, it enters the National forest and it becomes a very narrow twisted road with a couple of blind hairpins to keep you on your toes.
    Tiller trail ends in Shady Grove Oregon at Hwy 62. Hay 62 is the Crater lake hwy, and where we were going next, so we started the climb up to the Crater lake going past Lost lake first. By now it was almost 100 in Shady Grove, but as we climbed it got a bit cooler, once in the tree line we were riding in shaded roads so it was a very comfortable ride. Once we got to Crater lake it was in the high 70's with a bit of a breeze. We had been seeing thunderheads all day long and the weather guys said we would get it, but we never got a single drop of rain at all......but we all had our rain gear with us. Just goes to prove the adage, if you have it, you'll never need it, but leave it at home and your doomed. We got to the lodge first, took a few pictures and I bought everyone a Crater lake pin (Were big into ride pins) we next took the far less traveled east rim hwy. If you go the Crater, you can take the west rim, it's shorter and clogged with motor-homes and trailers, or take the East rim, it's 3 times longer, better views and you must take Cloudcap road, it is the highest paved road in Oregon and has the best view of the lake. We then road out of the park on the north gate road to hwy 138, the straitest road in the state, 37 miles of go strait. (Yahn) it ends at Hwy 97 and we took that too a fuel stop in Cheluts then one to Bend for the night. The next day we all decided that we needed more twisties so we ran up hwy 22 to Detroit lake and NF-46 to Esticada then on home to Tigard. In all we covered 814.1 miles and had a wonderful time.

    Links to my ride pictures...

    Many of these were shot from the saddle at speed.

    But I would like to know if you'all get the Irony of this shot the group...

    A bunch of Harley riders at Pirate coffee..........:)

    My favorite shot, over the shoulder at my friends on the east rim hwy.
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