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My experience with OPRT and 2Fast Track days

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by Shiskibob, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. SUMMARY: OPRT and 2Fast both kick butt and will continue to see my business in the future. Shout outs to Kirk (Trail Boss-OPRT):mfclap:, Rob (Cobra525-2Fast):mfclap:, and Barry (KFG Racing):mfclap:. Track days are amazing!

    Now to extended version:

    I have been riding for 8 years and have over 30,000 miles on motorcycles. Despite that time and distance, I had never felt comfortable with the mechanics of the bike in a corner or emergency situation. I decided track days and school was needed.

    I had my first track day experience on 9/27 @ the Ridge w/ OPRT and then camped overnight for the 2Fast track day on 9/28. Because of my fear of crashing and needing a ride back north, I asked for assistance with getting down and back to the track. Kirk (Trail Boss), a Marshall from OPRT messaged me and told me that he could trailer myself and my bike down there and even arranged a ride back with Rob (Cobra525), an instructor from 2Fast.

    Trackside: Thursday morning: OPRT

    I miss the first session while getting my 07 zx10r some new shoes - Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsas. Kirk - your recommendation was spot on. After Barry from KFG Racing gets me squared away with the tires and a suspension setup, I nervously had out for my first lap and having missed the ride around, I am lost as to the track layout. I had studied the paper layout but there's only so much that can be shown in 2D at the Ridge. I gave it several laps to let the tires break in and then went for it. The suspension felt unnatural because I was used to the street so my confidence didn't go anywhere for the first few sessions.

    The trackside school provided by OPRT gave /some/ insight as to what I needed to do; however, it was mainly a short briefing on basics and some Q&A. The ON track experience was top notch and the instructors were very good about finding people who needed help and getting them the assistance needed. There was a vest to wear if you wanted extra help as well. I wore one of them for several sessions and received assistance during two of them, most notably by Kirk.

    I felt confidence creeping up but was quick to keep the ego in check. Being on a liter bike felt like racing toddlers on the straights but those darn corners kicked my butt! Kirk allowed me to keep some tools, a few chairs, and an easy up overnight and I setup camp. I rolled the bike into the tent and had a one night stand with "Natasha".

    Trackside: Friday morning: 2Fast

    I woke up and started setting up home base. The crowded area that was shared by 9 people the day before was now just left to me so I spread out enough to not be forgotten. :tard:

    The rider meeting was similar to the OPRT meeting with the exception of prayer being held. I REALLY appreciated that as it set a good start to the day. I went nice and easy the first few sessions as the sun warmed the track. The rider school with 2Fast went really well. The lean machine's generator wasn't cooperating so Mark had to hoist it up each time but man that was helpful to see where my body positioning should be. The white board usage was good and the topics were sophisticated enough to garner improvement and yet simple enough to be palatable.

    On track instruction was a little more difficult to come by than with OPRT, but as Rob explained to me on the way home, not everyone appreciates being instructed. :scratchea

    Near the middle of the day I requested an instructor follow/lead me and on the fourth lap (I had requested him to move in front of me just three turns earlier), I target fixated on turn 8a, standing the bike up, locking the brakes, and going off the track. My level headedness returned and I kept the bike upright despite going off at 30mph. I yanked the bike out of the deep sand and got back on the track. I think I had a wet spot in my shorts but that's a secret :secret:.

    A rider went down RIGHT in front of me coming out of T11 and I did a good job avoiding him as is bike went spinning down the roadway. I talked to him afterward and he was focussing on getting his knee down, not on being smooth.

    I helped the crew tear down before Rob and I set off for home. I was excited to make it back in one piece and didn't realize just how much I DIDN'T know about motorcycling. I never got my knee down but after watching what happens when that is the main goal, I am content with how I did. :mrgreen:


    The Marshalls and instructors from both orgs did an excellent job with safety and hazard response.
    Both organizations offer track schools, but Mark with 2Fast knows his stuff and it was related VERY well to students.. +2Fast
    I felt like the on track "searching" for people to help was much more thoughtfully done the first day. +OPRT
    I was given a ride TO and FROM the track from staff from BOTH orgs so +OPRT and 2Fast.

    P.S. - I went to PIR on 10/5 and LOVED it. Best time was 1:26 which felt really good for 100 level. I think I will try 200 next time or buy a 250 and work on cornering. :) Phil (Philiminilli) - Thanks for letting me stay the night and for trailering me to Portland!

    P.P.S. - Kirk and Rob - you guys are scary drivers :stir:

    If you made it this far - :fallinga:
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  2. Damn, I only managed a personal best of 1:29.3. But that wasn't on a liter bike so I'm not sure how that rates.

    Overall though I agree with your comments, they're spot on. Both are great organizations with great support and great instructors. Already looking forward to next year!

  3. Give them all a try. List of track day companies is pretty long.

    PSSR went over and above for me, but I haven't had bad experience with any of them.
  4. Two days in a row is the best use of track time, especially when you are starting out. You'll tend to lose a little of what you've learned if it is a month or weeks in between them.

    Dragging knee shouldn't be a goal (as you've witnessed), but proper body position and being loose on the bike and bars are things that will help greatly. Knee down is a byproduct of being comfortable. Getting my head down and being low on the bike has been the hardest thing for me to keep consistent with.
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  5. You had me worried when I turned to look back for you in 9 and no one was there. :scared Glad I found you in the pits and we had a chance to talk. Sounds like you had a good time, and yes, Kirk and Rob are both good guys....................just don't upset Rob. :rant Oh, and that wet spot in your was no secret. :mrgreen:
  6. Mike, thank you for your help on the track. :) I hope to see you out there again next year!
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