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My first ride on my new R6

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by JozeyR, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Hello, i've just got home from work and uploaded this video of my first ride on my 2007 R6.
    This r6 is my first bike and this was my first time riding on the roads.
    As i have written in the description of the youtube video; i was hesitant on riding on main roads because i wanted to avoid the higher speeds and heavier traffic until i gained my confidence some more.
    The video goes for about 10 minutes and my gopro was mounted on the rear of my bike just before my taillight because my bike has no side mirrors i wanted to see if i was getting in the way of any drivers i couldn't see and also having the camera closer to my engine and exhaust you can hear my gear changes a bit better compared to having the camera mounted on the front of the bike.
    Hope you enjoy watching the video and feel free to give me any comments, tips or suggestions. I'd love to hear what you think.

    p.s- Overall i felt pretty comfortable on the bike and there was about 2 times i had a slight feeling i was gonna drop it but i just focused to use the few skills i've learnt in the past few weeks and everything went great and it was a really good quick ride. Hopefully i can get some more practice riding like this tomorrow after work.
  2. Just keep your vision looking far and wide; forward and rear. Dangers come in all shapes and sizes and from all directions. Most crashes are attributed to a vehicle turning in front of you. If it is a single vehicle mess up it is likely due to speed so keep it down and enjoy your nice bike! :D

  3. You're not wrong there matey. I wanna get my side mirrors back on the bike asap, so you think they help? i've noticed a lot of people without them but i've just developed the habit of looking in the mirrors every time i brake in a car.
    I'm well aware that observations of what's around you are just as important as maintaining control of the bike but right now as a new rider i think the part i need most practice on is in low speed cornering, hill starts and take-off's into intersections, especially because it's hard to judge when i should pull out into traffic when i don't know exactly how long it will take for me to release the clutch without stalling or doing the opposite and going too hard crashing into a car ahead of me.
    Another Team Oregon training course is defiantly on the to do list for now.

    Congrats on the bike and all but holy crap that video is boring and pointless.
  5. haha i tried to warn you of how boring it was when i said 'first ride' and 'video is about 10 mins long'

    Cheers for watching.
    I was just videoing it so i could show h8erz how i managed, and if i crashed it would of been good to watch :)
  6. do some riding clinics, ride more, practice more and get some mirrors (you'll need them) then ride somemore, read some books, watch videos and ride again 8)
  7. 1. Get mirrors, ASAP.

    2. Go find a big parking lot to practice starting, stopping, and low speed turning. Even better would be a multi story parking garage on a weekend when no one is there. That way you can practice the same skills, and get used to starting and stopping on hills. If you're not comfortable, don't ride on roads with traffic. My first saturday on a bike, I spent a full day cruising residential neighborhoods just getting comfortable controlling the bike.

  8. Definitely put the mirrors back on. You should not ride without them. If you have them, it takes about 3 minutes to put them back on.
  9. Jims08Z06

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    Congratulation's on your first bike. I have watched many amateur bike videos, and don't know about other folks. But I now have motion sickness, not kidding...AJjj :scratchea
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  10. The first time you pin the throttle you might wanna wear some diapers :devil:
  11. I don't seem to recall seeing the instant "shit yourself" button on my 06, must've started with the 07's.
  12. Thanks so much for posting that video, I now have a new video to put myself to sleep at night. In fact it did a great job for a nap at noon. I don't even ride that slow when I have a leo following me. They'd pull me over for obstruction. Just shoot me!
  13. Grats on the new bike :mfclap:
  14. I didn't know bikes were capable of going that slow. Guess you learn something new everyday!

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    Maybe he hasn't ridden a literbike, thus never experiencing what true OMGWTFBBQLOLZ feels like.
  16. PeteN95

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    To say nothing of your satanic naked literbike that makes it feel like some giant demon is trying to rip you off the bike as you bend it into T1 at 160+!?! :scared

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    Uh, yeah... She's a snarling handful of a bitch sometimes. :evil4:

    Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I said the same thing about PJD's mom.
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    I don't have that button on my 08 either, but sometimes (usually around 12,000 rpms) I get this strange sensation that something angry is chasing me and it's really close. Clearly I'm not going fast enough.
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  19. Lol, i think the shit myself button comes on at about 5k rpm for me but hopefully it gets worn out
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    It's sort of like drugs, you build a tolerance, then it requires more rpms or power. It will be a while before your ready for the level of Trail Bosses ZX10 from Hell. Even my button hadn't gone off like that for a while!?! :shock: