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my first riding season almost behind me

Discussion in 'Westside' started by 2 dizzy, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. This was my first complete riding season in over a few years. And the last season I took part it got cut short due to an accident on hwy 7. Things changed between that season, and this season. And something's stayed the same. But the major difference is, I got through this season in one piece. I learned a few things along the way too.

    1. I let my ego get the best of me, and instead of getting a ninja 250 or cbr 250, and learned to ride properly, I got back on a 600 and thought I could handle it. I was wrong. I haven't wrecked, but I don't ride comfortable to the limits of the bike, because I didn't get a good base set of skills before trying to keep up with the big bikes. That was my egos fault.

    2. I learned that a group ride is great therapy, when you ride with people you know, and are comfortable with. I had a group for a few weeks were we would get together and have a weekend ride. Those were good rides.

    3. I learned that there are amamzing resources on this forum that cover just about every bike related issue you could imagine. With people like Dragracer1951, ZXWUT, GixxerTex, ApexHack, and Andre1000, there shouldn't ever be a problem you can't have explained to you. And if you don't understand their answers, they explain it more.

    4. I learned to admit when I was in over my head and got comfortable enough to ask for help so that I could do things correctly, and be around for more riding seasons.

    5. I learned that there is a smart way to ride fast, inside your skill set. And doing that means that you block out what the others are doing, and just concentrate on doing what you are comfortable doing. A friend of mine taught me that.

    6. I learned that there is no better way to escape/deal life that to go for a ride. Short or long, and just get away for a while. And let the pureness of riding comfort you until you can get your perspective back.

    7. The last thing I learned was this;
    In general, we're a brotherhood. We share a common bond. Men or Women, we ride. And as riders, we take care of our own, and I have found a strong sense of community on this forum.

    Because of the things I've learned this riding season, I am confident that I'll be around to enjoy another riding season. With old friends, and meet new.

    I have found a way of life for me, through riding, that makes things clear thing up for me when I need to find clarity.

    It's just about enjoying the ride, not riding to a destination, but enjoying the ride itself.

    I want to enjoy many more rides.
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  2. You did good man, It was great meeting you we had quite few awesome rides together no doubt. You know you can count on me for anything you need and i learned the same from you It was to bad you had to call this season short but someone once told me "Things always happen for a reason"

    I would gladly with out a doubt let you borrow the 250 but since work has been slow and im finding myself with out a option i have to sell it..

    There is always next year man dont trip, and if you find a good cheap one thru out fall or winter shit.. You know im down for a ride anytime even if it means freezing my balls off in the middle of a snow storm lmao..

    So with that i say thanks for the memories man you have defenetley gone down with a big thumbs up on my book...

  3. Never got a chance to ride with you, but having the chance to meet you at the Renton bike night gave me chance to see who you are and what your about, common interest no doubt! Hopefully you get the maintenance issues out of the way for a better next season!
  4. Congrats and riding season never ends....
  5. Live to ride, ride to live.

    The day you quit learning, is the day you quit riding.
  6. Why are you already talking about the end of the season? We still have over a month of decent riding weather
  7. So you're quiting?
  8. Thanks for confirming that my choice to start sport bike riding on a 250 was the right one.

    This was one huge reason why I got back into cycle riding.

    It would seem that your thoughts are from a now wiser rider which is perfect to pass on to a few of us who are still early in our riding career.
  9. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    I swear if this mother fucker jinxed our riding season (2diz) we go straight up fight club beat down on his fucking ass.
  10. Yes.
  11. Ahhhhhh, that's too bad. You've come so far and have such a bright future ahead of you. But, I understand.......I would probably quit too, you know, being as awesome as you are.

    Good luck, farewell. Best of luck to ya!!!!!1!
  12. Get your bike fixed up Dizzy and keep on riding and learning! When it is too cold for your tires or head to grip you can put the bike down for the 3weeks of winter we have on the wetside. We only have three weeks of summer here too so make the most of spring and fall.
  13. Thanks Donnie, that means a lot coming from you.

    I am pretty awesome, huh?
  14. I'm so sorry to hear that your riding season was cut short because of bike problems but it was really nice meeting you and your brother and sharing a couple of awesome rides! There would always be next year so I hope we'll see you back in the road! But yeah, you know my number and if you want to chill or hangout let me know!
  15. I'm not quitting. I just don't foresee that I'll have the bike running again in time to enjoy the end of the season. So I accept that my best riding for THIS season is behind me. But I'm excited to get things fixed and get back out for next season.

    Besides, during the down time of winter there are things I wanna do to the bike to make it run better and have less issues. I'm gonna focus right now on learning to fix the bike, and enjoying learning that.
  16. What is this "season" of which you speak?

    Until I bought the S2R, I rode the R6 every single day (minus a few when I actually *had* to drive my car), regardless of weather. Some days were drier and/or warmer, making some days faster, others slower.

    There is no "riding season," only "fast weather" and "slow weather."

    Looking forward to trying out the Monster in some snow, once I get different tires.
  17. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    I'm confused.
  18. Great post man, I think it was words well said. As the others have said, get that bike fixed there's still a month or two, depending on mother nature, left of fair weather riding season..
  19. ^^^This ^^^ +1

    TRAIL BOSS Defiler of Threads

    I believe you also learned that the price of gas in Marblemount is two bacon blue cheese burgers.
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