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My new "Ninja"

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by Cutback, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Thought you guys would like to see the "Ninja" I picked up last week!
  2. :lmfao
    Wow - that is one HOT Ninja!!!
    How does she perform?!?!

  3. When rode hard, she is a stellar performer......
  4. I will be the judge of that lol
  5. Thx Cutback for your help with the window. Over the last few days we got that big window in and the office window with new header (where were ya, man??). Only 2 to go!!

    Jack thinks the caption for this photo should be something like "breaking and entering, the hard way" - or - "no house is safe from the ninja". :evil4:
  6. You guys were suppose to call me for help! I rode all weekend. Between Sat./Sun. did almost 500mi. on two different rides. I like Jack's last caption, as the pic captures the house you've already destroyed.:nana
  7. I had to cut all these boards by myself!


  8. That's too bad :(
    I heard Bobby was an excellent dovetailer - meticulous attention to... de-tail crackup:

  9. Oh man....:roll:
  10. de-tail...actually that's pretty funny! crackup:
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