My Time. :) 06+ R6 and 07-08 R1

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  1. *This is not a mod that will replace a trained Dyno tuner. This is just a cheap form of upgrade, that'll allow you to have some input and control over your ECU. Nels/EDR/Speedealer can/will piggyback on this type of upgrade, and make your ride smoother than this can alone. I would always recommend that you have your bike mapped after the ECU upgrade, preferably by Nels. :)


    I have a Flash-Tuned ECU for sale. 07-08 R1.

    I have the tuning module, so I can flash it to your map, or however you want it.

    The only thing that isn't available right now, is adjustable idle, which will be soon. Just let me know what you want on there.

    $225 shipped, or a trade of your ECU and $105 shipped.

    I will reflash it once every 2 months, free of charge, if you so wish and pay for shipping.

    I can also flash 06+ r6 and other 07-08 R1's, but you're paying for my time, not the service. $75. Just let me know what you want on there.

    I will send you a video of the bike running, with the ECU.


    I purchased a tuning module for the 06+ r6, and 07-08 R1, and I want to test it out on a few bikes.

    Bring me your 07-08 r1 or 06+ r6, and I'd like to flash your ECU.

    $70 for my time, bring me your bike, and I'll flash your ECU. You can go test it, bring it back, and we'll play around with it...

    After that, you can bring me your ECU once ever 2 months, if you change your mods to the bike, and I'll flash it for free and play around with it for you.

    I just did my 07 R1 yesterday, and it is a completely changed bike. I'm really happy with this.

    We can import your PC3 maps into the ECU, and it will negate the need for your PC3. Or you can import the map, dyno tune the bike, and you'll have an even better sorted machine.

    If you aren't happy with the flash, I will refund you $50, and keep $20 for my time only.

    I will guarantee the functionality of your ECU and your motorcycle, and will buy your bike, in cash, if I destroy something.

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  2. You can also send me your ECU by mail, with return postage, but for an R6, I have no way to test it right now... I will guarantee it non-doa though.
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  4. Updated to include an ECU I have for sale.
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