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My Wife says Im Certifiable... WHO'S NEXT?

Discussion in 'Salem' started by Whitesmokeyzf, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. Ok Brothers.... Whos next? They will do the shading in 2 weeks after the letters heal so they can touch them up if needed. :shock:
  2. Lol thats nice.What shading?What color shading?

  3. We have a sticker that I copied it a Black, silver and Grey shading inside the oval around the letters.
  4. Ohhh that will look pretty good,if you don't mind maybe post a pic of the sticker.
  5. That's awesome rev.!

  6. Holy Shit Bill!!

    That's totally hardcore!
    Last edited: May 1, 2010
  7. Bill... You are now "The GodFather".
  8. It stays on his leg??? Retard:tard:
    Last edited: May 1, 2010
  9. :scared:scared:scared

    Holy Smokes Rev. now thats taking it to another level! You DA MAN!

    And I thought I was doing good with the sticker on my bike. Now I feel unworthy.

  10. Someone go and take the Rev's meds away before he does something else....
    Blood in.....Blood out. You my friend are Hardcore OG. Pics of the new ink after the shading or its just a good sharpie imitation!
  11. And here I was thinking of getting the Moto Guzzi eagle tattooed on my arm.
  12. Ha :mfclap: thats what my wife said. Couple things Alcorn thats my Arm and as far as the Harley guys go, thats what we have you for. Your the groups punching bag and one last thing, Mo is the God father in my Book.

    "What if I Move" WTF? To me tats are like cave writtings, they tell a story of ones life. Someone on here has a signature the says " I Ride and therefore I am" same thing here. When im old(er) I can reflect on this group of hellish fast guys that stuck together like family and had eachothers backs. So back to the original question; Whos Next? I might see if he can do the shading sooner, Im excited to get it finished.
  13. Since you already don't live in Salem its not like you'd be leaving. :nana

    And stop doubling up on the Med's.

    The rest of the Rev's meds and $20 to whoever gets the Hooligan tattoo tramp stamp style first! crackup:
  14. Meds? I'm a dirty Portland hippie, and I'll take you up on this offer!!! crackup:

  15. Nice! That looks wicked cool! But I gotta ask.....

    Only a brother can get a Salem Hooligan tat?

    I want one! Maybe the tramp stamp but it would look better on one of the Hooligan Brothers. How about Copper?
  16. As you are the first Girl Hooligan of the group, you can get one whereever you want. If Copper gets the tramp Stamp...... I dont wanna see it. Brian you will have to pry the Revs meds from his Cold Dead Hand, these things are better than Jelly Beans.
  17. CopperSV1

    CopperSV1 (Oregon) City

    WOW! That is all....

    Actually. Nice Tat!

  18. that's the point i was trying to make, genius. Thanks for the neg rep too:thefinge:
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