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Need Bodies for a Class

Discussion in 'Central' started by Bald Guy, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. Bald Guy

    Bald Guy Cone Head

    First off, before anyone gets their panties in a wad, I cleared this with our Moderator.

    I have purchased Motorcycle Training Inc, the local training school in Richland WA.

    In an effort to bring classes that will benefit the motorcycling community, we are implementing several new classes. One is called Kick Start. This class is a 3 hour course designed for those that want to try motorcycling, but do not want to invest the time or money in a BRC. We will cover the skills learned in the first 4 exercises of the BRC, which include shifting and stopping. This is going to be a basic,
    basic course. All straight line riding. No stress, low risk, high reward. There will be no testing waiver at stake, so pressure is low.

    Here is why I am posting here. I need 5 students to take this class on August 11th, around 3 to 6 PM (Time may change). No experience is required. Matter of fact the less experience they have the better. The cost of this course will be $99 bucks, but for this first class it will be free.

    There is a caveat though. I need to get my instructors certified to teach the class. Chris Johnson from WMST will be teaching us how to teach the class, so there will be several people hanging around and circulating in and out of the role of instructor so there will be a bit more hub bub surrounding this class. I also want their honest opinion afterwards.

    So if you have a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend friend or family member that wants to give motorcycling a shot, shoot me a PM and we can get them signed up. Free. No charge. No Crap!

    Thanks, Dusty
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  2. First of all Congrats, My girlfriend wants to learn how to ride and what better way then to learn it from a class yes we would be interested in the aprentice class i will pm you some info and some questions about the location where the class would be held.. thanks

  3. Super congrats!
    Too bad you're not down here. I have a friend that just finally (with a bit of help from me) made the decision to learn to ride.
  4. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    Congrats Bald dude!

    Initial training is one of the most important things a new rider and invest in. I am a huge supporter of proper training.

    Hope it works out well for you!
  5. Congrats on your new endeavor, do youhave the proper "Pantie's in a wad" removal tool set?


    They can come in handy at times.....
  6. Bald Guy

    Bald Guy Cone Head

    Where do you get those tools! They are needed occasionally.

  7. Dusty, big picture - great, wonderful.

    Let me know if you're planning a next tour through Utah.
  8. BadKitty

    BadKitty Miss PNW Riders 2007

    passed the info on to a friend of mine who is wanting to learn how to ride!! Hopefully she can get the time off to attend!!
  9. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    If ya need help maintaining the bikes, Holler!
    Oil changed, tires check'd, chains lubed and adjusted. That kind of stuff.
  10. Bald Guy

    Bald Guy Cone Head

    Will do!
  11. Bald Guy

    Bald Guy Cone Head

    Hey Central! I think we are about full, but keep the names coming in case we have some cancellations!

    Thanks for the support! I am starting a S/TEP class (Sidecar/trike Education Program) and some other BIG changes are coming soon.

    Stay Tuned...

  12. Congrats!! I agree with mjn that initial training is so worthwhile. Your BRC almost 2 years ago is when I got my start on 2 wheels. Can't wait to hear about the changes :)
  13. Bald Guy

    Bald Guy Cone Head

    Hey MJN, Odin and Major Pain, PM me with the following Student Info:
    Name, Drivers License Number, Address, Phone Number, Birth Date and Email Address.

    The above three get first shot since they replied first. Everyone else is on a standby list. All 5 slots are tentatively filled. The others who have PM'ed me, get me your students info also, in case a spot opens up!

    I will let you know if something opens up!

    Thanks for all your support!

  14. Sweet thanks! I'd love to finally get my wife riding with me!

    PM inbound!
  15. Bald Guy

    Bald Guy Cone Head

    Should have a confirmation email!
  16. +1 My buddy just got endorsed Sunday!
  17. Bald Guy

    Bald Guy Cone Head

    Central Folks! The class is full. I gave the last spot to a young rider who was struggling mightily in a BRC last night.

    For those that expressed interest in the Kick Start class and did not get a spot, all is not lost. You know the owner, he can hook you up in a future class!

    Thanks again for all the interest! I am looking forward to the comments on the class, positive and negative. That is how we get better!

    Thanks, Dusty
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