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Need new tires on my ride

Discussion in 'Walla Walla' started by ZoomSmith, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. I know the options in WW are limited, but what do you guys (and gals) do when you need new tires?

    Buy local (where), or buy online and have a shop mount them (which one)?

    Thanks all.
  2. Deven

    Deven Dee-von White

    depends... do you plan on running summer air or winter air in them?

  3. Good question. It is that "in the middle" time period between winter and summer...

    Go to I can get a set of BT-016s for my CBR for 249 shipped.
  4. Summer. I'm strictly a fair weather street rider.

    If you get tires from Competition Accessories, who does your mount/balance?
  5. Anyone major dealer or shop will try and rape you on install if you don't buy tires through them. Maybe one of your fellow Oregon locals will know of a small shop?

    Have you considered running winter air exclusively? If you're a "cautious" type, it might just be better to keep the winter air in there all the time, just in case you hit the unexpected bad weather. Ask the shop that installs your tires for their professional opinion of course, that's just my .02... Speaking of which, how you liking that GSXR? Great first bikes, aren't they?
  6. Thanks for the advice.

    The old Gixxers are a fantastic piece of aluminum workmanship. Unfortunately, I haven't ridden it much. It's been a long-term project (almost two years) and it still needs lights and tires to be roadworthy.
  7. I've always loved the old blue and white gsxrs with the white rims. Timeless.. Good friend of mine has a TLr like that and I spring wood every time I see it. What's that about an electric conversion?
  8. Hey Jacob, Got to Cycle Supply online and order what you need. Mark Johnson should be able to mount them and I can call and ask him plus he's right around the corner from you at work. Still need to check the bike out, been busy at Jerry's lately.
  9. Thanks Gravey. I will stop by Johnson's today. Drop me an email when you are delivering something to WW.

    Devil_Doc: The electric conversion means that it has an electric motor and runs on batteries. For the gory details
  10. skinny_punk

    skinny_punk One Legged Rocket Rider

    I am in the tri-cities but will mount and balance your tires for ya for a small fee. 542-9363.
  11. Winner winner, chicken dinner.. Lol. You want to come to Seattle and do my tires for me in about 2 months?
  12. Thanks for the offer skinny_punk. If the local option doensn't work out, I will drop you a PM.
  13. +1 for Skinny..........
  14. would like to check that E-Bike when I relocate there this summer.
  15. Any time Timebom. Email is in the profile.
    Planning on showing at Wheeling Walla Walla this summer.
  16. Skinny will do a great job at very fair cost definitely give him a shout if you need something done but if you are looking local i used to always go to USA Honda before i moved to tri, ask for Eric, tell him Jeremy sent you and he will do you right. He is a good friend and if you are ever looking for someone to ride with he puts some great ones together.
  17. buy yourself some pilot powers michelin they are a great dual purpose tire and performs well i run 36_psi front and 32-36 PSI rear .. works great for me .. i ride in everything except rain and snow of course

    i buy them online at motorcycle parts store .. just google it and i mount them myself you rarely need to balance unless you change tire size.....take tires to walmart they set the bead for free and off i go...PS greAse your wheel bearings while you are there
    Last edited: May 22, 2010
  18. every thursday at 530 the sportbikes meet up for rides at usa honda..prolly startin later this month
  19. True to Gravey's recommendation, Johnson's Motorsports did a great job a reasonable price.

    Have tread, will travel.

  20. Holy hell, what do you ride on the sprocket or tire?
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