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Need to borrow...

Discussion in 'Westside' started by gtride05, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Im really going out on a limb here as the new guy. I own a 1999 triumph daytona (single swing arm) and I just got some new tires for it and I really cant afford to take my whole bike into a shop and have them swap tires.

    So what im curious to know is if any one on here is bold enough to allow me to borrow a rear bike stand that will apply to my bike for a couple days?

    I would greatly appreciate it. I know its asking alot but im just asking if you could give me a chance. Ill leave a precious valuable of mine with you until I return it. Or call me crazy...
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  2. Hahaha. I am still a good person to trust even if i cant spell. Im pretty sure a double is not going to work for me.
  3. Don't feel bad for asking, lots of good folks here. The trouble is finding someone who has the right stand. Mine is regular double too. Sorry
  4. I will let you borrow mine. :mrgreen:
  5. Thanks andy. I 2nd thought making the thread for sure. I jusy figured it could hurt so why not just try.

    Mr. Uses full name as a forum name (retard) you wish you had a stand for your own double sided swing arm.
  6. crackup:
  7. If you can't find a stand I can change your tires on the bike for $80. Only hook is I am in Tacoma.
  8. Ill keep that in mind. Thanks
  9. Don't have a stand but do have a lift and scissor jack
  10. This will help me get my wheels off for a day or 2?
  11. Hey Phil, spell check is your friend.
  12. Its the beauty of typing with my phone. I know, excusses rite. Anyways im really trying to get a helping hand in here. Lets keep it on topic, Please.
  13. *It's

    Just for fun. :nana Welcome to the nut house
  14. Yea i see it so far. Most forums are just spelling B's now days
  15. In the age of e-mail and Internet forums, people judge you based upon your written correspondence.
  16. Well then maybe the mods can just close this thread down since its only goung to be people judging.

    Mods please close this thread.
  17. Na na nah don't do that. Put ya feelers away. Water of a bat's wings. Think of it this way - more traffic = staying on current page = find someone with stand.
  18. if you can't find one, could you tie a rope over your rafters in the garage and hold her up? I did that when I didn't have a stand.