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need trip ideals

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by bwboley, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. I need to take a little break from my daily life so i would like to take sat/sun off in 2 weeks since i get thursday/friday off already that gives me 4 days.
    Anyway whats a good 4 day trip?
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  2. The Adventure time section is for off-road stuff. But I'll say northern California. Non-stop amazing Roads

  3. O i wasn't sure were i posted, I'm on my cell. I was kinda thinking northern cali myself maybe find a in&out since i never been to one lol

    Can a moderator plz move to the right place
  4. Texasl

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    Six hits of window pane? :nana

    Actually, before I can give you a more serious answer, what is your riding range?

    Here is something that I would consider within range, but I tend to have a bit of a stailness steel butt.
  5. I dont know what my range is i haven't taken to long of a trip i road all day with 3 fill ups 130 miles per tank with min wait time
  6. PeteN95

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  7. Oregon coast along 101 is awesome, but this time of year, I'd expect the roads to be pretty busy on the weekends. I'd probably go with heading west to Tillamook and then hang a right instead. Head up north through Rockaway and Astoria, cross the Columbia there and make a loop of the Olympic Peninsula. Option to go back to 101 from the Shelton/Olympia area, take a loop around St Helens, or slab it on the way home depending on time left/ambition/ass soreness.

    That said, if you do go with a southbound coast route, I highly recommend an overnight stop in Newport. Do the Rogue Brewery tour and lunch/dinner there and check out the aquarium (put in earplugs before you go to the shark tunnel, trust me). There's a state park a mile or two south of the bridge if you want to camp or if you call ahead and reserve a yurt.

    Also, stop for Lunch/Dinner at Fat Dog Pizza in Tillamook. Really good NY style pizza by the slice. The air museum is very cool as well. Really the only reasons to stop in the 'Mook IMO. Don't bother with the cheese factory tour. It's a factory, with screaming kids in it, and a cheese buffet where nobody washes their hands. Buy a cheese tray at the grocery store and read this instead, you'll thank me.

    Yes, I did a coast ride last summer 8).
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  8. Texasl

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    That's almost 400 miles, so your range isn't too short. If you hit the cinder block tent (motel) in Klamath Falls and in Redding you will have plenty of time to sightsee or explore during the transit. The run between Redding and Coos Bay itself comew in at around 370, and that is the longest leg.

    Here is the updated route, if you even care. :roll:
  9. We are riding the coast into N. Cal. this weekend. Getting out of the heat!
    Here is our route:
    Planning on hitting Lost Coast Brewery, The Old Samoa Cookhouse and the Land of Giants while there.
    Heading back home via Hwy 96.
  10. I would say an ideal trip is no traffic, 80 degrees, no cops and clean pavement...routes along the water are preferred!
  11. Thats good trip is there anyway you can do a map from ne pdx to crater lake to k falls then to redding to coos? Im on my cell at work and cant also i have a friend in santa rosia or what ever so i could even head that far lol
  12. ftfy 8)
  13. Great suggestions here. In a few weeks I'll be heading up to Astoria and south on 101, stopping somewhere along the way for the night towards the southern part of the state. From there it's to Crescent City and then back up 101/199 to Meford to see a friend.

    The route back will from Medford to Crater Lake and some way off the highway back.
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    2 hits of blotter and throw on some Pink Floyd walla

    you can thank me later
  15. Leaving tomorrow for Glacier National Park, then to Canada to see Banff and Jasper's paved and gravel roads for a week of camping.

  16. I took that next Tuesday off, since I work Tues-Fri gives me 4 days the same weekend. 8)
    The 28th is my 40th Bday so I told everyone to stick it I'm riding that weekend! :devil: I was thinking of heading to Sequoya park myself, but my plan is to go where the bike takes me. If you see this ugly fooker stop and say " Hi y' old bastard".

  17. I care, Texasl, I care.
  18. Yeah.... I wouldn't recommend that ride right now. Slow crawl, RV's like cholesterol clogging up the 101.

    If you have the time, head south to the SF bay area. Go ride skyline blvd. Plenty of twisties and tons of motorcycles. You'll see all kinds of cool stuff parked out side Alice's. Route 1 north of golden gate/muir woods is awesome as well. Riding along some cliffs. Ride out to Big Basin is nice as well.

    I did the trip on a little 400 a few weeks ago. Not so bad if you take frequent breaks. Lane splitting during rush hour is guaranteed to put a big grin on your face.