New 2009 FZ1 for $7,699??

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by GS1200, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. I stopped by the Yamaha dealer in Prosser for some gloves and noticed they had a 2009 FZ1 for $7,699. That sounds like a heck of a deal. My WR250R almost cost that much. I haven't been following the prices on these, is this a good deal?
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    I would bet they add for set up, shipping and other fees that bump the price up quite a bit.

    I would ask for an "out the door" price if I were serious about getting one, which I'm not...
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    I bought my 2006 C90 new in 2009, and got it for 35% off.

    An new FZ1 is $10,600 (MSRP,) so $7,700 sounds about right.

  4. I've been eye ballin the new Tuono for $14-15,000 so the FZ1 seemed like a great deal. Ya I'm sure there's the added setup fees. If I were to go with the FZ I'd check the dealers in Hood River and Salem first.
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    I picked up my 2009 FZ6 for less than 6K new off the showroom floor last year. I'd say you've got a good deal there!
  6. sounds very good to me. The peeps I know who have FZ1's rave about them ....
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    I wouldn't buy it unless they knocked 1k off. It already has 3 years depreciation and it's not even out the door. Plus, you still have to pay set up fee and tax/title/license...about $1,500 give or take.

    Ask for out the door price. Don't think I'd want to give them more than 8k out the door.
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  8. Not a bad price. I had a 2010. It as a great bike.
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