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New Drz!

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by drzrider375, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Hey guys just got a drz400sm pretty much stock. just seeing if anyone in the area would wanna ride if we get some nice weather cause i dont know anyone that rides out here. it would be cool if someone had a drz with some mods to cause id like to see the difference if its worth it or now anyways keep it on 2 wheels
  2. Welcome to the zany side :mfclap:

    FYI..... Full exhaust, 3x3 mod and re jet are your first steps :evil4:

  3. And by full exhaust she means MRD exhaust...once you start moding it you wont stop I got mine a year ago next month and have put many many aftermarket stuff on it
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  5. You need to jet it if you 3x3 it
  6. Do the 3x3 and NO BIGGER!!

    If Debi offers to teach you SAY NO! :p
  7. ya thats what i was planning on the guy who had it before me cut two small holes drilled out the baffle and jetted it.
  8. Welcome. I'm just south of Warrenton. I would ride with you, but I'm not going out in this rain blowing 40 mph. Maybe when we get some decent weather again.
  9. I tightened up the squish quite a bit and installed a set of hot cams (in addition to full Yoshi pipe and jet kit) in my DRZ and it made a HUGE difference. Not even the same bike. Sicc still has it, I think....
  10. How does it feel when you tighten up the suspension? I only weigh about 165. i plan on doing the yoshi, re-jet it and re do the 3x3
  11. Squish is the piston to cylinder head clearance. I didn't do much with the suspension. It felt pretty good where it was.
  12. For your weight the suspension should be just about right, you might need to set the sag though ;)

    As far as getting more power just start with the easy stuff, 3x3 (hole on top of air box) and rejet, Full exhaust (MRD is the best and made in Cali) and go have fun until you need more power. :mfclap:
  13. Damn it.. I didn't see this until now :nana
  14. haha so squish is stroking it or what? is the mrd pretty good? i have heard yoshi is the best for the drz?
  15. It has more to do with raising the compression a bit. i'm assuming a thinner head gasket? or do you guys get some machine work? domed piston?
  16. yoshi is alright but if you only want to do it once. MRD is the way
  17. No Squish is just using a "E" base gasket ... but it is a lot of work to just do that. Yes the MRD is a great pipe :mrgreen:

    No machine work... just changing the base gasket to the E base gasket as yes it is thinner :mrgreen: But why do all that work just to change the gasket and not change the piston and stuff :scratchea
  18. It's not that much work. And 30 bucks in gaskets vs a few hundred in hard parts?
  19. Heres mine (Shameless plug...):

    I did the 3x3 (with JD re-jet) and full FmF exhaust (powercore 4 and powerbomb header for under 200), and there is a huuuge difference. Plus it sounds nasty ;)

    Will do athena big bore in the future, but the thing is perma grin all the time. So much you can do on these that you cant (or wont) do on a full streetbike).

    Enjoy man!!

    PS: Stock tail light is bleeeeh, try the Edge 2 Eliminator, cleans it up a lot!