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New Ethanol-Free Gas Station in Kennewick

Discussion in 'Central' started by UhOh, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Noticed today that "Break Place Conoco," at West Canal Dr and Edison St., Kennewick,
    now advertises its gas as ethanol-free. Good decision, imo.
    (Edison St. is one exit east from Columbia Ctr on rte 240).

    FWIW: there are 4 other no-ethanol gas stations in the Tri-Cities that I know of:
    two in North Richland, two in West Richland.

  2. What octane do they carry? I've noticed at the one on bypass highway only has 91 octane (where most places seem to carry 92). Minor difference for sure but I'd like to get ethanol free AND 92 octane if possible.
  3. Do you really notice a difference between 91 and 92?
  4. +1
    get it? :mrgreen:
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  5. No, but do you feel a difference between 85 and 86? Or 86 and 87? Or 89 and 90? Just figured the higher the better.

    By the way, nice subtle joke on the +1. Smartass :)
  6. Incorrect, unfortunately.

    ... but with statement in mind I had gone to fuel up this week at the Conoco station
    across from the VW /Audi car dealership in Kennewick, and found this:

    so, for peeps who prefer this fuel, it's back to the original post for location info.
  7. That's pretty cool, I wish that there were stations down here without it. I haven't been able to find any.

    I wonder if the stations realize that they will probably get more business if they go to ethanol free and advertise it? Seems like a simple choice to me.
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