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  1. I don't know what section to put this thread in, so mods feel free to move it to the appropriate section.... anyway

    Hey Everyone! So, as a community, bikers tend to take care of their own and support their own. Well here it is.........

    I have a good friend. She's got her endorsement permit. She's bought all her gear. And she's signed up for the MSF class on August 11-12. She wants to buy herself a Ninja 250 and learn to ride and come out on some rides this season. (rookie friendly rides that is). Here's the fun part..... If any of you guys are like me and a couple of my friends, then you're always looking at how to make your bike/gear better. I know custome airbrushing on fairings, tanks, and helmets can be expensive. But this lady knows how to airbrush pretty damn good. She's trying to get a little hobby going helping out bikers who want custom paint work done but don't want to pay professional shop prices....

    So if you have a helmet, a set of plastics, a gas tank or anything bike related that you want some custom airbrushing done on let me know. I'll introduce you.

    Here's a couple of examples of her work.

    1. This is what she did cause she was bored. She was painting the lid to a storage container. (Edit: This isn't the lid. It's a copy of the stencil used. I'll upload the actual pic of the lid when I get it onto the computer)


    2. She liked the look so much she decided to put it on her brand new helmet. This isn't done yet, it still needs color. But you can tell from the work done so far that it's turning out awesome!!


    If you want to talk to her about price, or what you want done, she's usually available unless she's babysitting for her daughter. I'm always available to take you by her place. let's all help her get her first bike.
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  2. Nice, not bad at all she has some talent. My girl has been looking to get her helmet airbrushed with some pink and black tribal designs. If your friend has the time it would be great to bring my girl and she can explain to her exactly what she wants on it.
  3. Anytime Daniel. Whenever you and your girl get some free time, throw the kids in the car and head on over here. She's got a big back yard the kids can run around in while your girl and her talk about the helmet
  4. Nice man! Since my bike is named Scarlet Witch (after the comic book character) it'd be cool to get her done up on the fairings
  5. Got a pic of the Scarlet Witch? If you take off the fairings, she'll do the design and color. If you want to talk to her and see what you can work out let me know. Although, taking off the fairings should probably wait until the winter, unless you're ok with out them for a week or two while she works on them.
  6. I'll post one up when I am at a computer
  7. Sounds Good. I'll get the pic off here, and I'll email it to her. She'll make a stencil out of it, and then it's just a matter of time before your bike is TRULY the Scarlet Witch!

    (p.s. you should get some red l.e.d. body kit lights for the bike to complete the look. My brother can do all the wiring and installation of that stuff for you. He's probably gonna do mine for me, if I can't afford to pay my friend to do it.)
  8. That's some nice work. May have to get something on my helmet.
  9. She can do most anything Diesel. If you KNOW what you want, and can provide a picture she'll stencil it and then *viola*..... For people who know the IDEA of what they want, she'll look things up (i.e. someone wants.......... "dragon"), present 4 or 5 candidates (pics she's found online to use as stencils) and go over each on with you. (tell you how long this will take as opposed to that one). If you can't find one you like, she'll find more. Then go over them again. When you find what you want, she'll give you a rough guess of how long it'll take to do (start to finish) and BAMO........ same ol helmet GREAT new UNIQUE graphics. :) And she gets to earn a little money to put toward buying her first bike.
  10. Here's an update....

    The pic in the original post, was I THOUGHT the original tupperware lid she did. Once I loaded it, I saw that it was the stencil she used for her helmet. The pic below is the actual storage bin lid that she put the tiger on. It's got the base coat, colors (obviously) and also she clear coated it as well. (don't know if you can tell from the pic). But the art turned out great. And I'm looking forward to seeing how the design on the above helmet turns out. I'll update as the work progresses.

  11. It was hard to find a rendition of the Scarlet Witch that I liked, so I chose the Bishoujo Scarlet Witch concept art

  12. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    I hope she charges around the $40 range because it's be a waste of money if you actually used your helmet for what it's made to do, like protect your brain when you crash.
  13. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    Btw this was a total bullshit "help my friend find a bike" thread and was more of a "let me advertise my friends work under a false pretense" thread.
  14. I'll show this pic to her, but man...... I don't think she's gonna have any problems doing that. I can't wait to see it. I think it'll turn out great. Your bike will definitely be unique!
  15. Dude, how you know that's the intention, stop cock blockin, he is obviously trying to gain rep with his lady friend. :popcorn:
  16. Get it get it you trolling mother effer you! :devil: :thefinge:
  17. I'm with Dizzle on this one.

    This is nothing but an advertisement thread to try and circumvent the current rules in place.

    Infraction to OP and thread move are needed
  18. Still waiting to find out which bike she's looking for. Price range, year, color and all that sort of stuff. Isn't that what most new riders ask? Like what to look for on a used bike, how much should I pay and so on.
    I guess this isn't REALLY about finding her a bike?:scratchea
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    There is a place for posts like's called the Marketplace.
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    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...
    1. kKk

    is she hot?
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