New for '13 Kawi Ninjette

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by SPRR, Aug 1, 2012.

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    Kawi stepped up with that one. Cool little bike, possibly fuel injected, now available with ABS even. I like it, I'd even ride one if I needed a commuter bike
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  2. Wow! Looks even more like their bigger bikes. I thought the 250 ninja wasn't due for a restyle for another 21 years.
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  3. I'd like to know if the US market will get FI but other than that it looks like a nice ride.
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  5. I found it imposible to fit my legs on the 08+ 250s, but the older ones just fine. I hope they designed it better for 36" inseam characters.
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  6. Kick ass! Looks like the 10R.
  7. I gotta show my wife this.. she'll be demanding one now.
  8. DGA

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    That's a whole lot of expensive plastic to break! Looks good though. Maybe Kawi is feeling the heat from Honda's 250R and decided it was a good time for a redesign.
  9. I never thought I would say this but the '13 Kawasaki Ninja 250 is the best looking 250 I've seen! Blows the Honda OUT OF THE WATER!

    It's about time someone makes a 250 that isn't embarrassing to ride! We should be seeing a lot more people saying, "I'd ride a 250" when considering their first bike thanks to Kawasaki! I feel like writing them a thank you note.

    I wish they would have come out with that a lot sooner so I wouldn't have had to ride a Buell Blast when I was learning eons ago.
  10. "....and certain markets will see the inclusion of digital fuel injection."

    How much do want to bet that won't include the U.S. market? With the advent of FI on the CBR250 it's overdue. Let's hope they don't stiff us again.
  11. Nice!
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  12. ^ It would slowly change our mentality towards motorcycles. I think we need slower lighter bikes. It's a lot more fun riding a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow...
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  13. I kinda agree with that... it's fun to smash on bikes you know you can push to the limit, but then again, there's an unmatched sense of thrill knowing that when you turn your wrist on anything bigger than 600cc, you'll blast off into hyperspace. Cars around you melt into a spaghetti-like strings of plastic and metal.

    Plus, let's be real... lifting the front tire off the ground in a controlled acceleration is so much fun. :D

    Having said that, the new 250 looks like sex on wheels.
  14. DGA

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    That's not the only thing Kawi is updating. Ohlins electronically controlled steering damper for this bad boy...

  15. Looks like shit. I liked the 08 better. Hopefully they will at least have fuel injection as an option. Let the market decide, not some jackass with a pie chart and a PowerPoint presentation.
  16. Well, the 250 used to be one of the nicest looking bikes around. On it's way now to the Star Trek prop reject look now.

    If anyone know where I can get one of these in the US, let me know.
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    Keep up old timer, that '70s looking 250 was outdated in 1987.

    You can''s not sold in the U.S. market. Looks good though.
  18. I meant the current model, not the '13, and if anyone knows of a gray-market bike importer, let me know.
  19. DGA

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    I figured...sorry it was a tongue-in-cheek comment.

    I like this look the best to be honest. Having ridden the previous generations, they were dated to me, even when the current one came out. Mainly because - to me - the gauges were still the old school stuff and the engine remained unchanged for the most part. It felt, rode, and looked like the old generation from the riders view.

    So if you want a good little bike and are not too concerned with looks, get the first gen.
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