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New guy from Astoria

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by rallynz, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. Hey guys...I'm new here, I live in Svensen, and I'm always up for a ride!
  2. hey rallynz,welcome aboard.I'm always ready for a ride,as long as weather permits.we live in longview,no too far away from you so it wouldn't be hard to hook up some weekend.anyway,nice to meet you

  3. Whats up man?I live right in Westport ;) We will have to go on a ride one of these days.I have to go get my damn endorsement and tags and shit first though.
  4. ^ You don't live on Okie Hill do ya?
  5. Welcome to the forum
  6. I'm between Warrenton and Seaside. I've gone on a couple of rides in the last week by myself because I couldn't find anyone off work to go along. Highway 53 south from 26 was awesome when the sun was out. The temp was perfect too. I hope to meet up with you sometime. We used to do a monthly ride on the 3rd Saturday, but haven't for a while. Maybe it will get going again when we have more consistant warm days.

    You guys who live along highway 30 between Astoria and Longview, I drive or ride that road all the time going to and from work. I'll be riding a lot more pretty soon. I don't like to be on a bike on 30 in the dark. There are too many deer. Wave if you see me.
  7. Okie Hill haha Nooo not me.......Yeah why who is this lol
  8. is that ur quattro?
    get it?
  9. I drive from Westport to clatskanie every day...Around 3-4pm.If I see a R1 I will wave but I will probably be driving my Eclipse.So If you see a blacked out Eclipse with a huge ass front mount intercooler wave at me haha Ohhh yeah I have a huge ass ''Boats N Hoes'' sticker across my front window you cant miss it....It's off of the movie stepbrothers/inside joke with friends type See you guys around.
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  10. You don't know me...but I know your car...I used to work for the Clatsop County Sheriff's Office and I would drive by your house occasionally.
  11. You worked for the sheriff and don't know Just kidding my car is a popo magnet I hate it I get pulled over constantly for stupid things I'm never even doing anything wrong!but whatever I chose to make my car look that way I guess. What did you do for the sheriff's? You a popo???? Lol

  12. I can neither confirm nor deny that
  13. Hmmmm okay,Well whatever I don't really care either way.I have nothing to hide.haha well maybe one of these days this summer we can round up some people for a highway 47 ride.I have another friend from svensen that has a cruiser and two guys I know from clatskanie that have R6's.Another friend that lives by me is also trying to get a bike so maybe we could have a ride this summer. But only if your not a cop...haha joking see ya later
  14. Get that sucker registered and get your endorsement!
  15. Working on the endorsement I have to wait until the 26th of this month to take the team Oregon classes.....Bunch of crap.I still have to get my ass to the DMV and pay up to get it registered in my name and get some new tags.I also have to go get my new BTO16's mounted up cause the Dunlops are done.
  16. Welcome to the site. A lot of great peeps on here. I am from Rainier, Or so if you want we can gather up everyones cell# and send out a mass text the next time someone wants to go for a scoot. I am always down for a hwy 47 ride
  17. I'm ready to go right now. The sun is out and it's 60* here on the coast. I'd come over to highway 47. My cell is on my profile.
  18. My bike gets out if the shop by wed. ( it's takes pro caliber a week to change the oil) but when it's out and the sun shines, I'll be giving you a call. We tried this like 5-6 times last year.. But this year it's gonna happen
  19. Haha yeah Pro caliber sucks.I just had to go there yesterday and get my yires put on.They told me it would take 2 days and I was like .NO you can get it done today.They said,''we can try to work a mirracle.Ayways they got it done it 1 1/2 hours.I am pretty sure I saw your Busa on a lift in there....Nice bike