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new member with question

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by cjberquist, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Hey guys im new to the forum.i own a 02 gsxr 600 and have ran into a very annoying sound i cant figure out or find exact issues on other threads. So when im doing about 60-65 the bike makes a whirring noise but not constant its a whir whir whir whir.whir and so forth until i let off throttle or speed up . its annoying more than anything because my commute.consists of me hitting that speed for a half hour. Any input would help thanks guys
  2. Oh ya what he said below makes more sense
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  3. Buddy with a newer gsxr 600 had some weird sound problems at certain rpm's and it was caused by his air intakes tubes not on correctly. it was making some weird noise at certain rpm/amount of air coming in.
  4. Awesome I'll def have to check on that , I'm hoping it's something as simple as that
  5. Dr. E

    Dr. E Theoretical Propagandist

    Welcome to the forum...always good to have new riders.
  6. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    I would also check your chain and sprockets. Make sure its not too tight or loose. Make sure its lubed too!! Dry chains can make that sound.
  7. Check your blinker fluid reservoir.
  8. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    It might be too full, and the pressure is causing it to buzz at speed...

  9. I was thinking possibly the pressure bearings inside might be worn
  10. Fairings resonating.
  11. I have a 2000 GSXR 750 that made a noise like that, it turned out to be the speed sensor star on the front sprocket, was loose and rubbing on the sprocket cover

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  12. What was it, OP?
  13. The "original poster of a thread" OP

    Like cjberquist is the OP here

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  14. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    I do not understand this post.
  15. Me neither!

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