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Discussion in 'Roseburg' started by kirkcdl, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Okay,this has been discussed in that "other" "Photo Tag" thread,I'm starting something a bit different,and probably a lot easier for those of you that don't get out much....I say that in jest,I'm a mailman,I get out more than I want...

    Okay,first picture:

    That is a picture of 15 motorcycles parked side-by-side...

    Next picture must be a picture of a wooden bridge...

    It doesn't matter if it's a footbridge in your backyard or that big,old one in Myrtle Creek,but it must be made of wood,and the picture MUST have a motorcycle in it...

    Next poster with a wooden bridge pic gets to call the following pictures subject...

    The only rule I would like to see is "There MUST be a motorcycle in the picture",other than that,you could say "a Blender" or "a Coffeemaker",as long as a motorcycle is in there somewhere...

    Okay,you guys good to go on this??Let's hope this gets more action than that "other" thread...:puke

  2. awesome... ida got it today if ida read this before going out..
  3. [​IMG]

    next target......

    a stop sign


  4. ?
  5. make the damn picture show!!!!!!!!!
  6. Fix'd it for ya...

    View the full-size, then copy the properties of the photo for your image tag. :thumbrig:
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  7. not to be a dick or anything but that doesn't look like wood. and poop on me if im wrong, but this seems really similar to the riding game

  8. crackup:
  9. TAG

    next: a golf course
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  10. Man, that was quick to jump on it. Even though I don't think the I-5 and Winchester bridges are wooden.
  11. Click, it looks to me like it's a wood-top, steel-girder bridge. You seem to know the bridges though, so I will concede to your expertise.
  12. What appears to be the wood top is from the construction that was going on on the I-5 bridge. You ever see a wooden bridge on I-5? The other bridge is the original Old 99 bridge that is concrete with an asphalt road surface that just got a face lift last year.
  13. Nighthawker cheated. Do we let her? Sorry, my bike was parked today. Had to write a blasted paper...

  14. I still haven't seen a bike with a wooden bridge.
  15. Yep,Jennifer,your pic was a bridge with wood bracing on it...NOT a wooden bridge...
  16. :banghead:
  17. Well you guys hurry it up. Otherwise, I'll get it. The sporty is taking me to PT this afternoon, so I'll try and get it then, and it will be made of wood, not supported by wood.:nana

    Course, now y'all have had fair warning.

  18. Do it,Gwen...
  19. sometime between reading the thing and hitting the road i lost the wooden part. my apologies to those who got their panties in a bunch about it.

    thanks lynk for fixing the pic :)

    good job 103ner getting going and forgiving me for the terrible crime of missing the wooden part.

    :thefinge: for the rest of you
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  20. I can tell you where three of them are in the area if someone needs to get them. Think Hwy 42, Glide/Little River, and I-5 down around Sun Valley on the way to Grants Pass.
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