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  1. Picked up a brand new 2012 Honda Rancher 4x4. This thing is like a cadillac compared to the 450R. Had a blast trying it out at Hover Park with James1300.

    USA Honda in Walla Walla was great to me. Shipped in the exact color and quad I wanted when they didn't have it in stock. And they were even able to bump up the tier I was supposed to be at for my credit score to get me Honda's promotional finance rate. I would definately recommend them if you're looking for a new Honda.

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  2. Cool. I need to learn more about those...
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    What he did'nt tell ya is it has 'Power Steering'! No chain, cause it's 4 wheel drive.
    You don't have to use 'the clutch' to shift it! (It's a Honda thing).
    This is cool incase your in a tight spot and need to shift but can't or don't want to use the clutch lever.

    (after yesterdays ride, it wasnt as pretty as in this picture)!

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