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New Tire Break-In Ride

Discussion in 'Roseburg' started by rickc, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Having a new rear put on this morning and am going for a long break-in ride this afternoon(good excuse for a long ride) lol. Will be leaving Ray's Food Place parking lot, in Green, at 1pm. Will take Happy Valley Rd. to Lookinglass on to Melrose-Melqua Rd. to Tyee. Then Elkton to Drain, onto Yoncalla and Elkhead Rd. into Sutherlin. Then South, maybe Wilbur Cutoff Rd. or North Bank Rd. Good vulture hunting on North Bank. Medium pace with drink/smoke breaks along the way. :) See ya at Ray's.
  2. Amended time. 2pm KSU. Tire wont be done til noon. Rick

  3. Amended time. Tomorrow. 1pm. Tire not done yet. Lame.
  4. I owe you one Mike. Hospital issues. I'm planning a day of riding on Thursday, all day. Whats your schedule like? Time for a run out your way.
  5. I'll be asleep, work graves starting Wed night thru Sun morning. I'll be gone Sunday, and maybe track daying monday.
  6. Love that graveyard shift. My schedule is opening up some and allowing more time for longer rides. Let me know when you're open next week and I'll plan on coming over then.
  7. So,how did the newtirebreakinnotgonnashowatbikenightAGAINride come out??:mrgreen:
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