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  1. So I rode just a little so far on my new tires and I can tell you the Pilot Powers I got are leaps and bounds better than the Battalax's I had. :mfclap:
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    Which battalax did you have?
  3. also remember that oem tires are not the same as the normal tires of the same name.

    tire manufacturers make tires to Kawi/Yam/Skuzi/etc spec, with the name PP/BT/whatever... even though they are not the same construction/compound as the regular tire of the same name.

    for example some oem "dual compound" tires are not even dual compound...

    just fyi

  4. Really? Interesting, ya these were the OEM ones I had. I think they were the BT016F J.
  5. pressure could also play a role in the feel/performance...

    where one brand (PP) for example may like 36-37 psi, on a given bike w/ a given rider...

    another brand (BT) for example may only like 33-34 psi on the same bike with the same rider, due in part to BT's stiffer sidewall construction...

    jussssss sayin...
    :secret: :shock:
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    Regardless, Pilot Powers are kick ass street tires.
  7. +1

    I have Pilot powers that I am still scrubbing in and so far, I love them.
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    I'll admit, my PP's were great street tires.. probably the best wet weather tires I've had on the bike. I went away from them after hearing all of the "stick and flick" comments from track guys.
    After the 2 sets of PP's I went thru one set of Qualifiers... loved them. Then two sets of BT016's.. also great tires. I'm currently on my 3rd set of Q2's and like them the best.

    The OE 'Stones that came on my bike sucked. (BT056) I didn't realize just how bad until part way thru the second set..
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