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New to site

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by Norainy, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    Just a shout to the Astoria forum:tiphat: I just found and signed up to PNWriders.
    I live in Nehalem, OR. Have a couple of different bikes in the garage. Enjoy casual long distance:biggrin: and shorter more spirited rides:devil:
    I will just lurk around the site until I figure it out. Hope to join some of the local rides when they are posted.
  2. Hello and welcome.What bikes do you ride?My number is in my profile in case you want to go ride sometime.

  3. Thanks for the welcome.

    My current steeds are a BMW gs1200 and a Ducati 1198

    Thanks for the tip, I'll fill out my profile also with my cell number.
    Need to warn ya, I do not have internet service or cell service at my house. I don't turn my phone on much when I do have service. I don't have a land line either at home.

    I do have internet at work and use it a lot:mfclap: Don't tell my boss.
  4. Lol sounds a little hard to get ahold of you....Hopefully we can get together sometime for a ride.
  5. Hello, There's a group of us that comes down your way occasionally. We all enjoy Hwy 53 and the Miami River Rd. We'll try to get in touch when we're going that way. Maybe we can meet up. Let us know through cell phones or here when you're coming up toward Seaside or Astoria. I'm sure we'll be going tomorrow and the rest of this week with all the sunshine predicted. I did over 200 miles today and met some new friends from Vancouver who were out on Hwy 202. My name and number are in my profile.
  6. I work allllll week.... Fml this sucks. I need a ride. I might have Sunday and Monday off it better stay nice.
  7. I can ride today and the rest of the week after work. I get off at 4pm but can usually leave early when something important arises:thumbrig:

    I actually live on Hwy 53, driveway is at mile marker 11. The highway is closed now at mile marker 2 up by Hwy 26. Last time I checked a bike can still get through but I don't know now. Still a fun scoot up from the south side to the closure and back down.
  8. Bret, I was out on a ride today when you called my cell. I just missed it, but I got your message. I went with another local rider down Highways 202 and 103 then back. It was just about 100 miles total. It was so hot by the time we got back home, I took one of my boys to the lake to jump in and cool off.

    I wish I would have had your number with me, and I could have called you back. You didn't leave it on the message. I work 7 days on, 7 days off, so I get to do a lot of weekday riding. I heard today that Highway 53 is closed and also the Miami River Road. Those are two of the best roads we have in this area. That really sucks if they're both down for the summer.

    I've got your number from your profile now, so I'll try to reach you if I'm going out again sometime. I'm sure it will happen again this week.
  9. whats up with the closeure? road work? or are they shutting us down? anybody know?
  10. Hwy 53 is closed for two months for a large culvert replacement - closed approximately 2 miles in from Hwy 26.

    Miami Foley Rd is closed for just 3 days for bridge work, should be open this Saturday. BUT:banghead: right after that they are going to chip seal another large section of it.
  11. theres some goodies on the wa. side, chip seal ? god forbid!!
  12. I just read today, that 53 will re-open on 4 Sep. Did you find out if motorcycles can get through the closure?

    I love some of the Washington roads. I need to learn more of them. Let me know when you're ready to play tour guide. The only problem I've found over there is that the cops are ruthless. I rode by an Oregon State Police today doing about 70, and he didn't even blink at me. In Washington, I would probably be in handcuffs.
  13. Of course when I finally get back from vacation, they close my favorite road. I guess we'll have to start heading north

    Welcome to the site norainy.

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