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New to the forum and Seattle, shipping bike in from Ohio.

Discussion in 'Westside' started by BamBam, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. Hi PNW Riders, nice forum you have here.

    I've just moved to Seattle for a contract (til October but hopefully longer) and am having my bike shipped out next week.

    I'm planning to use the bike to commute from time to time, and hoping to do a few Saturday or Sunday rides while I'm out here: Hurricane Ridge, Mt Baker and some of the others described on here. Eric's Roads articles are amazing - thank you - I'll definitely be following some of those routes.

    I ride a '99 Ducati 900SS and love to ride with groups: I've been on street bikes for 30 years or so and tend to prefer brisk but responsible style of riding. Hope to meet up with some people from here and enjoy the great Washington roads and scenery in a week or so.


    (PS I love this place)
  2. Welcome! don't forget the other side of the water near bremerton for some wicked nice roads as well. If you like that back road, hauling balls with no traffic. Welcome and glad to have ya.

  3. Thanks for the welcome Lepy.

    I'll take your advice about Bremerton - what are the good roads to ride there? That area looks a little closer - perhaps I should try that before heading out to Hurricane Ridge.

    Itching for my bike to arrive..
  4. Welcome and + 1 on riding the peninsula, it's absolutely beautiful over there. Hope your bike gets here soon and I hope it brings some dry weather along with it. :)

    Also, you may want to check out if you haven't already.
  5. I'm confident the weather will be perfect from the moment my bike arrives. If not though: my Aerostich needs a little natural wash anyway - way too new looking.

    Thanks for the desmonorthwest link - that looks like a great resource.
  6. Welcome to the forum.
  7. welcome! rumor is there might actually be some sun around here soon
  8. Welcome to the circus....:evil4:
  9. Welcome! I look forward to riding with you.
  10. Welcome and what part of Ohio are you from?
  11. Looking forward to meeting you all on the road, cheers for the warm welcome.

    I'm relocating from Bolivar, OH - just south of Canton, but I'm originally from London (UK). Ohio has some very nice gnarly roads toward the SE part of the state, and of course it's just a short day ride from Deals Gap so I've enjoyed riding in that part of the country a lot. Washington appears to have some more epic roads... and I'm keen to see them on two wheels.
  12. Welcome. I live near hurricane ridge. It's an awesome ride. the roads were freshly paved a year ago. very smooth and grippy. bring 5 bucks to get in though. and watch the rangers. it's a federal (expensive) speeding ticket! And check the weather, i believe they are still getting snow up there...... check the webcam:
  13. Yeah Ohio roads are straight and flat, since well OH is flat. I was just asking because I'm originally from Sandusky, OH. Again welcome and have fun.
  14. One already made it in before your post!

    OP, welcome to the Awesome Northwest!

    Let us know when the bike is here, we will RIIIIIDDDDDDEEEEEEE!!!!!
  15. Damn. Missed Cyndy's post. No boom, though.

    BamBam, welocme. Good to have you in the wonderful state of Washington. It will be summer one of these days.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2010
  16. Lol, the fuse was lit a long time ago! ((Which in no way takes away from the sincerity of any and all welcome messages posted in this thread.))

    UK = dreamy. :mrgreen:
  17. That's right, a time and place for everything!
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