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New to the forums!

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by ThumperOSU, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone! I just got an email about this forum so I thought I would join up and see who all local was on here.
    I live in Svensen about half of the week and beaverton the other half. Being an all weather rider, im always out and about. Pretty easy to spot on a bright yellow Suzuki Katana 600. Hit me up if anyone is going on any runs or just to chat.
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  2. Will do....Welcome :) Who emailed you about this????

  3. I'm local,a109driver is local,rallynz lives in svenson....
  4. Welcome to PNWRiders.

    Locally, we've also got;

    beachrydr in Seaside,
    rov3rt in Gearhart,
    ronrdrcr and June in Astoria,
    MOTT in St Helens,
    sparkyjames in Warrenton,
    and stkflkr in Rainier.

    I don't know how active they all are either here or riding. There are several more motorcycles that I see and riders I've talked to in Seaside who are not on the forum (yet), but I'm working on them. We may be small in numbers, but on this forum, I've met and rode with several groups coming to or through our area. When the weather gets nice, we try to arrange a monthly ride and dinner. Glad you found us.

  5. A109. He was one of my instructors so when we ride with him we have to act PROPER. Haha he's a nice guy.
  6. Oh crap! Now I'm in trouble. I forgot how to do that.
  7. Dont worry im not gonna yell "more head turn" or "stop covering the front brake" every time we go around a corner when we go for a ride. There is a difference between work and play time lol. Just make sure u crash behind me and not infront of me. :mrgreen:
  8. Welcome to the forum, I'll be riding a lot as soon as I find me a new rear tire. Tired of dealing with the leaking patch I have on the rear now. Oh yeah, I'm in Astoria also.

  9. Haha,yeah I dont cover the front brake anymore:thumbup:
    But I dont think I will be cranking my head 90 degrees everytime I see a corner.haha See you later
  10. But, what if I want advice? Are you going to charge me for it? I'll want you in front anyway, so that you can't see me screw up, and I can try to copy what you're doing.
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