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New to the Website

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by Dave2000R1, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone in the Astoria area. I met a109driver and 95gst16g at Fred Meyers a couple months ago. They told me about this website. I finally got my profile activated today. Would like to meet up and go for some rides this summer if the weather ever cooperates. I can usually ride weekends or evenings. Look forward to meeting some of the local riders.

  2. Welcome to the site. Have fun. :)

  3. Hey man whats up?We will have to get a ride going pretty soon.The weather was good then went to crap...It should be good again pretty soon.See ya later.Good to have another local guy.
  4. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Hello Dave, Welcome!
  5. Welcome Dave! It's good to see you found us. I've got your cell number in my phone and will text or call the next time I'm going for a ride. You can get my number from my profile also and let me know when you're heading out. We're building a pretty good group here on the coast. I know several other riders who haven't joined this forum yet, but I'll keep telling them about it. It's a great place to meet riders from other areas and trade tips on good riding locations as well as bikes.
  6. hello dave! im ready to roll most weekends! ocean park riders consist of 3 so far, ill get em here soon! # on my profile!
  7. I sent out a mass text message to everyone today. I got replies from several riders, but not all. I just hope you're all getting them. Four of us went down hwy 53 and Miami River Rd. It was good!

    Fueling up. GSXR, Sman with CBR and my R1.

    Dirtybird fueling his 09 R1.

    Dirtybird's R1.

    Dirtybird's R1.

    We really didn't stop long enough to take any pics once we got moving.
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  8. That makes me sad I didnt go! I wish I could have went.I work Tues-Sat next week so no nice weather rides for me.....FML I hope It's nice monday because I want to ride on my day off.
  9. did not get text message? 4 heading out from op tomorrow, 3 newbies & 2 rippers 8:30 am towards astoria ect! my old dirt rideing buddy bought a 1200 spotster he thinks its fast, he left today to get his kid a new 600 kaw, he'll be bummed when his kid smokes him! ahh the lessons of cycling its a wonderful thing! i just cant wait to smoke the kid & sit for lunch & discuss rideing tecnique ect! i just love our sport!! who's rideing sunday? will check back in am! early!
  10. nice bikes! im jealous! cant ride the lay down bikes for to long, my fj is the next best thing i can get to a new bike!! the astoria ect group is growing! cool! signed an old fart with calouses on his butt & lots of stories! good to see ya here!
  11. I may be riding Monday because it will probably be raining Sunday.....
  12. Brian (wavygravy), Did you mean that you didn't get the text message? I just checked on my phone and it shows the message went out to you at 1403 (2:03pm) on Friday. If you didn't get it, I might have a wrong number for you, but it's worked before.

    Yes, there were some nice bikes on that ride. I was drooling over Jesse's 09 R1. I've got helibars on my 04. They make long distance riding a little more comfortable.
  13. hey driver! i should have checked my messages, the old phone didnt rattle or ring, checking settins now! group ocean park did the old miles crossing backside youngs river up to jewel & down clatskanie hill loop, my fj 1200 , my german rideing buddy- hannes mackk-bmw 1100 s, totally rocks for 2 cylenders! my old dirt rideing friend hans may & his son john, hans on 1200 sporty. john on brand new monster kaw. ninja! john & hans are very new to the road, so it was school day & break in for the newbies. we set up stop points as where to meet on next legs of journey & pointers as we stopped to shoot the breeze! at the clatskanine boat ramp we were 40 mins ahead of newbies total for the day, i think we may have broken the speed limit a couple of times as my tires seemed to be quite hot & sticky at the boat ramp! shower dogeing, nothing ventured nothing gained theory paid off!! good day ya'll!!
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