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Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by noob636, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. So, last weekend the stars aligned, and i found a buyer for my 04 GSXR 1000, while simultaneously finalizing the deal to buy my new-to-me '07 R6. Got a really good deal, and have been absolutely thrilled with the change. It was originally red, but the previous owner didn't like the color so it has been painted Lexus Galactic Grey. It had 4200 miles on it when it was purchased, and will be with me for a long while. Bike/IMG_1217.jpg Bike/IMG_1215.jpg Bike/IMG_1214.jpg Bike/IMG_1213.jpg Bike/IMG_1212.jpg Bike/IMG_1211.jpg
  2. Congrats!

    And just cause im such a swell guy...






  3. What is the orange im seeing on the rear sprocket? A leaf caught in the chain?

    It looks all stock, has it had any mods done to it?
  4. Flush mount turn signals, integrated tail light, fender eliminator. Everything else is stock. Have plans for exhaust, shorty levers, frame sliders, power commander, and getting a cowl for the rear seat. And yeah that was a leaf
  5. Sharp looking bike.
  6. Luckyadam12

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    Looks really nice!!! Good upgrade!
    Question, why shortie levers? I've never understood the purpose.
    I would rather be able to get 'all fours' on there if I needed to..
    Never understood the point unless you're stunting, which would be understandable.
  7. SoundEfx

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    Congrats on your new to you bike. Looks sexi.
  8. shorty levers won't snap off when the bike tips over in the garage. I know this for a fact! Although I don't know what would happen to the handlebars.
  9. good lookin bike! you should bring it on the ride tmr
  10. i prefer the short levers from riding bikes and Dirt bikes when i was younger, i only use two fingers on the brakes and clutch. To me it just feels like i have more sensitivity cause the pressure is on the two fingers that i normally use. It's really just a comfort thing.
  11. Willow

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    Yes, good looking bike! Hope to see it on the road some time.
  12. davidk

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    Great Bike...
    Time for you to get a TAG!!
    Should be near Port Angeles by now...
    Just trying to drum up some play time!!
  13. Cool bike. Ride safe!
  14. That sir is a fine bike.
  15. I ride a big GS rigged for touring, but I gotta admit, that crotch-rocket-in-Cylon-Grey is real purdy.

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