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New Two Wheel Tuesday location in Tacoma

Discussion in 'Westside' started by labmunky, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Hey campers. Those of you who remember the Cedarwood (RIP), the DJ, Vinnie, is now hosting Karaoke at the Backstage Bar and Grill in Tacoma on Tues nights. Note: This is just the DJ, not the Cedarwood owner (no offense to him, but...) So no smoking, better service, better everything. And just like at the CW, PARK YOU BIKE IN THE BAR. That's right. Raining out? No prob. Park your ride inside :mrgreen:
    Google Map

    Vinnie is hoping to get a decent turn out to show the BSBG owners that there is a vibrant motorcycling social crowd out there that would appreciate their good service, especially if they catered to some extent to us as two-wheeled customers, which would in turn provide us with another decent option for a social and/or ride meet up/ride end location.

    I will be there next Tues 10/16. Hope to see some of you folks out there.

    EDIT: Specials include $2 wells and Chilidogs, 2 for $3. More/better TWT specials may be possible if the turn out is reasonably decent on a regular basis.

    *Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with either the BSBG or the Karaoke DJ in any way other than as an average patron.
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  2. Parking is awesome too, if you don't park inside

    and the waitresses are hot.. unlike the CW
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  3. mmmmmhhh 2 chili dogs for 3$.... i'm not sure how well thats going to end
  4. Working late that day, but good to know.....

    Every Tuesday??
  5. Sweet... See you there.

    Lol. My thought as well, but someone may be interested.

    We likely won't be there til 8 or 9 anyway, but will stay til midnite or later, I'm sure. If it ends up being like the CW, yes, every Tues. That said, some weeks there may only be a few people, maybe none at all, others maybe a dozen or more. Inside bike parking and any TWT-specific food/drink specials would (I'm guessing) still be available regardless of turnout.
  6. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    good on you Jacob for setting this up.

    *possibly in
  7. Sounds fun, I might try to make this. Weather is supposed to be crap, so if I go would probably cage it down. Depends on my level of motivation.
  8. Ah man, wish I wouldnt have seen this earlier. Too bad I missed it :( Next time.
  9. Not going to make it out tonight after all :( hope you guys have fun. Maybe next time.
  10. Thanks Seatac, she is my first sportbike. Im so glad I upgraded from a cruiser! Hope to see you out there one of these Tuesdays!
  11. Anyone going tonight?
  12. I'll be there with my friend Paul to hang out with DJ Vinnie!
  13. In for this week... anyone else?? I will have a couple non pnw'ers with me.. So thats three


    Jacob and Deena.. is 5...

    anyone else?? Lets get some damn bikes in this place!!

    Sorry I didnt make it last week Deena.. I am making up for it by bringing twice as many as me ,with me this week!!!

    This place is not the Cedarwood..Its a lot cooler and the food is better and you dont have to drive through Fife to get to it! Its also right off the freeway (16) and very easy to get to.

    Hope to see some more of you there..
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