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New way to keep the cars from hitting you.

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Scumbag, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    I was given a wide berth and I don't think it was because of my reflective vest. I had to carry it home somehow and I felt ready to either climb a mountain or kill zombies. crackup::mfclap:
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  2. Never thought I would see a motorcyclist with an ice-ax on his back..... nice job

  3. Nice.

    years ago I took my rifle down to gunsmith by slinging it over my shoulder and rode M/C down.
    On the way, everybody was very friendly; didn't crowd me a bit.
  4. TwistedTimes

    TwistedTimes HondaKilla

    theirs thinking outside the box! nice!
  5. I wonder what that would look like embedded in the hood of an offending automobile...?
  6. I think you have to put this image attached to it
  7. TwistedTimes

    TwistedTimes HondaKilla

    if you don't obey, i'll use my special tool

  8. If you do happen to take a spill, that things really going to hurt when they pull it out of your posterior....
  9. I just ride open carry on my thigh, no problemo
  10. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

    You know I have thought about the very same thing. My Mossberg has a sling and looks nasty anyway. Problem being how would the law look upon it, in view of all the gun violence already going on. Second with the idiot "Bangers" spoiling for a chance to prove their "Man Hood" it could escalate, what could be blown off as just an other "Idiot Driver" into a firefight. And I truly hope I'm done with that part of my life.

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