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New Year's Day ride

Discussion in 'Roseburg' started by pineapple dave, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Anybody up for a short one to get the new year started off right? Also depends on wetness. Won't be too early for those recovering.

  2. If it's not freezing or raining........or snowing.

  3. Last year there was supposed to be some big organized run from McDonalds on steward parkway up to Denny's at rice hill, snowed like a sum'bitch the night before.
  4. Ya I remember hearing about that, and seeing the snow that am. Have not heard anything about it this year though. If it's dry might be a good ride, sure been warm enough. pd
  5. I'm out. Gotta do the church thing. Plus, I finally am healthy enough to ride but the weather could screw that up in a hurry. Guess I'm turning into a fair weather rider in order to be able to go to work during the week. That is most seriously messed up!
  6. I am thinking about 1pm to meet at Ray's in green, unless it's raining. pd
  7. Sposed to be warmer tomorrow and still not much chance of rain. Woo-Hoo!
  8. I road last year even in the snow but I noticed most whimped out on a ride.
  9. looks like we are rain free so 1pm at rays in green,
  10. Have fun guy's. It's to cold for me.
  11. Dave and I had a good ride out through Umpqua and back.

    Yes it was a bit cool but you just have to learn how to suck it up if you need a ride.
  12. Yep, and 20lbs. of cold weather gear.
  13. 1-1-12 roseburg to Heaven on Earth (sic) via Cow Creek Canyon. Cold but good!
  14. Looks like fun Jim.
  15. Except for the cold & a few rocks on the road, it was perfect. I don't know of a better ride in the area..
  16. Weather was great and thx for making it Charlie. Great way to start the new years. pd
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