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  1. Haha hate the word newbie, but guess thats what i am. Hey everyone new to this site n hope to come often. N like all of you i also enjoy riding n plan on doing it for as long as possible. If God wills it.

    Ride safe Mofos..... :thefinge:
  2. O herro,
    Interesting introduction... Would you prefer we call you FNG instead of newbie?
  3. Ola Newbie :mrgreen:
  4. Haha, hey there guys.
  5. sup fresh meat.
  6. PeteN95

    PeteN95 <img src="/images/ranks/mod.gif" alt="Moderator">

    Muk, WA
    Welcome, where you from?
  7. Thanks for the welcomes. Im in central washington closer to moses lake area.
  8. Hi! Welcome!

    I'm pretty new too, just joined the group last week. But so far everyone has been really nice and helpful. That "newbie" thing will go away after like 20 posts or something like that. That's why I have training wheels now - LOL!

    - fishrscary (Peggy)
  9. Welcome, I'm a newbie too. Just joined yesterday!
  10. Hey, we were all newbies at one time.. don't hate, you're just late..

    Where have you been, why joining now??
    That's ok, ya don't have to answer.


    Moses Lake... LOVE IT!! the dunes, small town, cool people, and RIPPIN'!!!!

    I'll be out there in 2 weeks.

    (oh yeah, thanks for flippin us off MOFO!)

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