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Nice ride today

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by 95gst16g, May 11, 2010.

  1. Today I rode to warrenton and met A109driver at freddys.He showed me some roads I have never been on and I really liked them.Then we went to tsunami sandwich and I had a turkey and bacon sammy yum I have been craving one for like 2 weeks lol.Thanks dposalski it was good! Thanks John it was nice to meet you and your lady,I had a good time.John pretty much owned me with his lady on the back haha I'm slow I dont care! We split at 202 and I took the way towards vernonia.I was looking forward to 47 it's my favorite part of road.So in the last 3 days I have rode about 500 miles,my back and neck are killing me but I had fun.Hopfully we can get some more people to go next time.We just need to plan ahead more.
  2. dang im jealous! hey 109 my wife likes to ride a lot too! old leather butt! shes real good at it but shes not shall we say petite as she was when i met her but neither am i! im a weeknd guy ,dustin you rock! dont be concerned with rideing to hard to keep pace till ya feel comfortable & safe , your way ahead of the game for your age & use pretty darn good discrertion of which i highly respect! whats up this weekend yall? explore wa. side nooks & crannys?

  3. Lol thanks Wavy I am not sure what days off I have yet.I wont know until thursday but it should be sunday monday tuesday maybe???But If it's nice and anyone is riding I would like to go.We could have a couples ride but I would have to stop every 15 minutes haha

    A109 what flasher relay tail/flushmount setup do you have?I noticed my signals are not so bright and niether is the rear in the sun.I think the guy put on a cheap ebay taillight....I like the way your blinkers strobe and whatnot they are way more visable then mine.
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  4. I had a good time today too. I wish it would've warmed up a bit, but it's supposed to get warmer later in the week. My wife likes to go with me, but she wants to be warm. I just need to get her some warmer gear. She also likes to stop every 20 or 30 minutes to stretch her legs, or she'll just hang them down when we get to a straight stretch. I actually take it pretty easy with her on back. I don't want to stress her out, since her brother died on a sportbike. She's pretty confident in me right now, and I don't want to ruin that.

    I have a Clear Alternatives integrated tailight and a trick flasher. The trick flasher just replaces the original flasher under your seat. You unplug the factory flasher and plug in the trick flasher. It has 4 different programmable sequences plus you can just make it do the old boring original flash. I got a guy to throw it in with some used parts I was buying from him. I don't know where to get one new, but you could probably Google it. There are newer, more sophisticated flashers you can buy now, but I think they're pretty expensive. They are good for grabbing attention of cars when they get too close behind.

    I would like to ride with you guys this weekend, but I'm not sure if I'll get much time for it. My youngest kid is turning 12 and I think we're going camping one night and taking him with his buddies to the movies the next night. I might get some time on Friday, but I'd probably have to finish in the mid afternoon.
  5. Yeah, one of these days I'm going to probably end up buying the CA tail.It's a lot brighter then mine.Thanks for the ride/info.I know how I'm going to Seaside from now on!lol Thats a awesome road have you ever saw any cops on that road?
  6. I'm up for a ride tomorrow...

    Any takers?!?!?
  7. I could probably go. I'm off all week.
  8. I wish I could go I went the last 3 days now it's go to work the rest of the week.Thats all the riding I will have.But I may just see if I can get someone to work because it's supposed to be super nice this week.
  9. i guess ill have call in sick to hook up with you weekday guys! dang!whats the route to seaside you speak of there dustin?
  10. Gimme a call/text when y'all wanna go!
  11. I dont know what it's called but if you go down by Les schwab and take a let at the end of the road you follow that road for a bit then take a right.It's like Louis and Clark something???I dont know what it is called but it has huge sweeping corners and its a pretty nice road.
  12. Lewis and Clark Road...runs from Miles Crossing to Seaside?
  13. Hey Nick, Brian, and Dustin, that's my favorite route between Astoria/Warrenton and Seaside. I don't use the Miles Crossing portion though since there are a lot of houses and driveways. I like the portion from Fort Clatsop south. It's less populated and has some great twisties. Here's a link to see it.

    The rest of you missed out today. Nick and I went out to tear up some of those roads. Tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer. I'll be ready to go again.
  14. I asked someone to work for me tomorrow he needs hours,as do I but riding is more important haha.He says he will think about it,20 bucks says he wont work. :( But if he does I'm so in! lol
  15. Y'all missed another good ride again today...we did Hwy 53 down and back...with 5 bikes!

    T'was a hoot, but I'm frickin' tired!
  16. What a bunch of crap! I wish I could have gone....Bastard didnt want to work for me.But I got my new leather jacket from my favorite person!The UPS man! It fits way better then my textile one.I got a chance to run 47 to 202 and back down before it got dark.I was begging to get off early so I could ride,so I guess today wasnt all that bad.
  17. It was a great ride today. It was one of those Zen experiences where everything was working just right on the bike and the road. I felt like I was on rails even with my wife on board. Tonight, I installed my black exhaust cans with the race baffles. Now I want to go try it again with those. They sound good.
  18. Pics?:secret:Your other exhaust is badass and sounds awesome.
  19. I just put it together in the garage tonight and haven't had it outside yet. It was too dark for pics. I did start it with the rear of the bike facing my work bench. When I reved it, I blew a bunch of stuff off the work bench. It might be louder than my Microns were. As soon as I get it outside in the daylight, I'll get some pics. Here is the old exhaust. I'll probably sell it if this one works well.


  20. You have a nice bike.I always like your pictures,the first one is at a good angle.
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