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Ninja 250 Hesitating/Lagging

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by crotalus84, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. I recently bought a 2005 Ninja 250 for my wife to learn to ride on. She has not had time to start learning yet so the bike has been sitting for a while. The previous owner had it in storage for a couple years so its been about 3 year since it has been run. Only has 3k miles on it.

    I am not sure exactly what I should do to recondition it since it has been sitting for so long. So far I have just changed out the oil and put some fresh gas in it. I also had to replace the petcock as it was leaking.

    The only issue I seem to be having after doing this is that when i am at about 6-8k rpm it hesitates really bad until you get it past 8.5k or so. Anyone have any ideas what I need to do to smooth out the power here?
  2. Make sure there's nothing clogging the petcock first. Then run some seafoam through the bike. If that doesn't help, pull and clean the carbs (sync 'em when you're done). Check the plugs while you're in there too. IF you really want to get into it adjust the valves as well.
    A stage 1 jet kit also does wonders to help smooth out the throttle on that bike.

    edit: add an inline fuel filter also

  3. Carbs need to be cleaned.
  4. Thanks guys. I should have some time to work on this weekend and hopefully have it running smoothly.
  5. Probably that same shitty gas we got at the St.Helens ride. I like how getting to the carbs to pull out takes longer than the actual cleaning...Theres about 30 or so screws/bolts that need to be taken out before you can actually hit the carbs...
  6. Clean the jets.
    Then clean them again
  7. This ^^^^ all of it.
    Those things have the smallest pilot jets ever. Takes nothing to clog them up.
    Last time we worked on one, we mod'ed the air box just to make it easier to get the carbs out.:scratchea

    +1 On the in-line filter and I would put all new lines on as well.
    There are a lot of places crud can hide. Only to come lose after a tank or two and you're back cleaning them again.:angry7:
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