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Ninja's in trouble

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Aj555, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone got a problem with the ninja on the freeway today that made me wana kill someone haha.

    What had happened was that I was cruising on the freeway 70/75 8.5k rpms just fine and easy. Suddenly, the bike jerks a lil with the power slowly dropping and the RPM counter flying all over the place, at first it was off the scale than released a bit of gas than started going crazy. luckily pulled off to mercer island and now the engine sounds different, not terrible but a bad different like suddenly the carb just got blasted with a shit ton of dirt or somethin? not sure. anyways, later after i turned it off, i turned it back on, this time when i tried putting any throttle it turned off immediately.

    Any suggestions what it may be? plenty of fuel in the tank.

    P.s I tried turning the bike on when it was still hot and as i throttled it it ssslloowwlllyy brought up rpms but the counter did not move at all.

  2. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Sounds like an electrical issue or a cooked coil. I'd pull plugs and check the spark.

  3. Alright sweet thanks, ill look into it!
  4. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Check and make sure your battery terminals are clean and tight.
    How old is the battery? Check it too.
    EZ stuff 1st.
  5. Check the ninja250 forums. Something about bad tachs or ignitions.
  6. it's your CDI. You can pick one up on ebay for about 65$ You may have to change the spark plugs when you change the CDI, mine were fouled due to a bad CDI.
  7. Sweet thanks guys, Not to sure how old the battery is just bought the ninja about a month and a half ago, 09' ninja with 8,600 miles. ill check em out today when i open her up.
    Thanks for helpn me out everyone!
  8. Battery/Spark plugs are all good now and the bike turns over for a slight bit than dies. Would it still be the CDI even though it turns over and all? Im thinking of cleaning the carb tomorrow and trying it out then.
  9. The CDI has no bearing on whether or not the bike will turn over. Think of it as the brain that runs the spark plugs. IIRC it also supplies the tach signal. If it's bad, and sounds like it is, your bike isn't going to run until you replace it. Try to find a good used one first, they're spendy new.
  10. Ah alright thanks, today i tested out the spark plugs to a ground terminal and only 1 was working, so i may just replace the ignition coil first than check up on the IIRC.
    Thanks Junkee
  11. Here's a tip: get the terminology straight.

    Turning over means that the starter will rotate the crank and move the internals. Turning over doesn't mean that the engine runs.

    Fire; when the engine fires, it means that the engine has turned over and tries to start.
  12. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    One other thing to do is to check for voltage at the coil wires. Should be somewhere near the battery voltage. Check from a coil wire to ground on both wires. Don't check across the wires. If you have voltage, probably a shot coil. If you have no voltage, time to check the ECU and other wiring.
  13. I had an 09 zx10r and received a recall notice for bad voltage regulators... And mine crapped out, they overheat and run like crap and won't start.
  14. Thank you for that Rodger.

    Redkat ill give it go!

    flyguy, damn thats rough, yeah ill be riding this lil guy till next summer than move to a different quicker bike so as long as i get it her fixed up and run long enough till than ill be set haha
  15. Tested out the wiring from the CDI box to the other ends of the connection and it looks like the CDI box is the problem for sure. Coils, wiring, plugs are all in good shape.

    Thanks for taking time to help me out everyone!
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