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No headlights beeotches!

Discussion in 'Yakima' started by Duck, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. What up, I figured I would finally make a post about my bike. Some of you heard that I got in a wreck during stropes and my trip to laguna seca for GP. Well true story, some bitch driving around without her headlights on all but t-boned me on a freeway on ramp. Here are some photos:

    Here's the dumb bitches car

    Here is the windscreen cracked all the way around

    Crack on the bottom of the right fairing

    There are other damages but most of them are not cosmetic. Oh yeah and she broke and dislocated my toe. Anyway the insurance company is going to call me back today and let me know how much I will get because it is TOTALLED. $13,200 worth of damage estimated at the shop. Bad master cylinder, bad slave cylinder, warped front left brake rotor, both forks are jacked, etc. etc.

    So she t-bones my bike, fucks up my foot, we have a picture of her driving without headlights and it's my fault.
  2. Damn dude, that's fucked up!

  3. How did the accident happen and why did they fault you if her headlights were off?
  4. They faulted me because I was turning left and didn't see her coming until she was about 15 feet away. I was getting onto a freeway onramp and she was heading towards me going under that underpass.
  5. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

  6. Definitely ^ It can't be all your fault for turning in front of oncoming traffic against your right of way, on a lit road. She didn't even have her lights on or anything. That right there is just plain illegal!

    Glad you didnt come out too bad. Heal up well.
  7. Hey if anyone knows a good attourney let me know. I spoke to one group already and they said that because there was relatively little damage they couldn't represent me. All in all its just a broken toe and 13 grand in physical damage so its more of an I'm right you're wrong sort of thing.
  8. In other terms......not big enough of a payday for them. :angry7:
  9. +1

    Here is some accident math for you. Typically all claims will settle out of court with lawyers. They take all you medical costs: Ambulance, rehab, xray, therapy, blah blah blah and triple that. Then your lawyer gets a 1/3 of that. So its kinda ironic. If you try and keep the costs down, you end eating it.

    Good luck.

    You gonna buy the Duc back from insurance when they total it?
  10. Get this guys, I just finally saw my police report and the girl that hit me was only 17! Driving her boyfriend's jeep! At night! And somehow behind all this nonsense the police officer sided with her and put me at fault because there is no way she could have not noticed her headlights on, because he knows that particular route along the road. Those are his words on the report. I am so pissed right now I don't even know what to do. This whole situation is wrong and I don't even care about the damages but this bitch deserves to get punished in some form.
  11. :angry7:

    Wherever... Duck I hope your toe heal rapidly... if you get an attorney God luck!!...

    F*king cage drivers! :rant
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