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No Novice 600cc Class?

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by Furious Coder, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. I'm flipping through the WMRRA Rulebook, and I'm not sure if I'm reading it wrong. Is there a Novice 600cc Class? Or only a 1000cc Class? Do they run in the same race? I only see Novice racing and then the Vintage, LW Superbike, 250 Ninja, etc. stuff mentioned, and am unclear on what types of bikes a Novice can actually race.

  2. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    LW superbike = light weight superbike = 600cc?

  3. You should be asking this question on the wmrra forum if you're serious about your question.

    That said.

    Any novices running a inline 600cc or larger bike will run in the novice class.

    Novices on vintage bikes run with the vintage class.

    Novices on 650 twins are encouraged to race with the 650 classes.

    Novices on twins larger than 650 run with the novice class.

    Novices on 250's run with the 250 classes.

    In the future, if you're actually serious, I'd ask these questions on the wmrra forums.....that's why we have a forum open to all.
  4. The WMRRA novice class mixes most size bikes together. The novice class is for learning your beginning racecraft and once you get fast and safe enough you'll become a graduated novice and start racing with your class of bike. Hope this helps.

    Guess I was typing while you were posting Donny. Should be enough info for him.

    Charles WMRRA 856 (temporary retirement)
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  5. Oh hey, look, right there at the top of their site. Forums.


    Thanks, didn't notice that before.
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