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NOLA Motocross on SPEED TV

Discussion in 'Racing' started by Buckwheat, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Check out Speed TV for the most strange "Motocross" ever...

  2. Think we found this at the same time.

  3. Right...

    I was just double checking listings on WSBK when stumbling on this SNAFU.
  4. Comcast always screws up. I recorded some off road racing yesterday that turned out to be Vanessa Williams playing tennis, then this.
  5. & it looks like there's going to be more of this "Motocross" on SPEED from 9-11 this evening...
  6. Wow, that was a douche move. It might have been a little entertaining if he would have grabbed the guys bike and pulled past, but grabbing his arm is just dangerous. I'm glad he got penalized.
  7. this is at least the second time this has happened. Is it SPEED TV, or is it the cable that makes their listings? I didn't seem to have this problem before when I had Dish Network, but it might just be that Speed hired new morons, or outsourced the jobs to China.....

    Pisses me off that my DVR missed this. I hope I can get it recorded tonight.
  8. Charter is your problem. Been there.

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