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  1. Hello from NW Montana. I live on the west shore of Flathead Lake, just south of Kalispell. I picked up a 1993 Honda CBR 1000F a couple weeks ago. First motorcycle I've owned/ridden in about 20 years. I've gone on a couple rides already (about 200 miles total) and am signed up for the MSF BRC course in a couple weeks. I know I'm a little outside the PNW, but maybe at some point I'll meet up with a few of you on your way through Montana:mrgreen:

    Anyway, here's a photo of my "new" toy lol
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    Welcome, nice bike, I had a 1000 Hurricane.
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  4. That's a beautiful area! Have an aunt that lives in Columbia Falls and a cousin that lives in Whitefish. Get down to Missoula much? There's a neat riding community down there that has built a little track called the Nature Trail. A really nice guy named Rex owns it. See if you can hook up with a guy named Mort Olson. He's got like 70-80 bikes and every single one is cool!

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