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Ocean Shores Motorcycle Run 7/26 - 7/29

Discussion in 'Westside' started by oldrice, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Sounds like a good time! I know I'll be there!

    Unfortunately, I'll be caging it since my wife and all of her luggage will be travelling with me as well. :roll:
  2. I've never been ? Hopefully someone throws up a group ride thread or something to go down to ocean shores.

  3. I used to live there, It's like 5,000 Harleys. I think they do a nice fireworks show on the last night too.
  4. Yep, lots of leather and tassels ......

    I'll be heading out there Saturday to check it out..... if anyone else wants to come along start posting up in here and we can get a time and such together....
  5. its a fun time, last year there was a stunt riding crew out there doin some neat stuff im goin for sure just dont know on fri after work or sat
  6. Anyone plan on going down Sunday?
  7. I'm heading out there on Saturday from Renton. I went last year with a couple Harleys and had a good time. Canyon's right, it's mostly a Harley crowd, but there's still plenty of stuff for us sport bike riders to enjoy.

    The stunt crew Aman is talking about is Westcoast Connection. Their lead rider is Hollywood B, who also happens to be my neighbor. The guy is insane good at stunts and does shows all over the country. If nothing else, you should check out the stunt show on Sat at 4:00pm.

    I'm probably not going to head out until around 10 or 11am on Saturday. I left at 8:00am last year and got there way too early. The poker run goes from 11-4, so I figure I'll get down there around 12-1pm, do the poker run, check out some bike vendors (there's a shit ton of them), drink some booze, and then check out Hollywood B at 4pm.

    If anyone else thinks that's a good way to spend their Saturday, let me know and we can ride down together.
  8. Leaving tonight after work. Drink a little, spend the night. Do the bike thing all day, see the sights, spend the night. Wake up, come home.

    Not that I'm that into the whole Harley bike rally/poker run thing, but the wife and I are stretching out this kid free weekend as long as possible! :sex:

    Also, I am going to try and take a bunch of photos. They will be either posted here or on my blog. (or both!)
  9. Yeah, I do but doing family birthday party instead.
  10. Im riding down tomorrow and taking mostly back highways like highway 3, 104 and 101. Im starting by taking the edmonds/kignston ferry and going through bremerton and shelton on my way there. If anyone is interested in riding with me and wants more details, let me know. I want to get to the edmonds ferry by 9am
  11. sounds like a great way to spend a saturday ill be heading down tonight though, maybe ill see u there
  12. I'll be leaving Seattle at 9:30 and heading out there.....:secret:
  13. Anyone in town? We are partying it up right past the quinalt casino
  14. Just got back into town a little while ago from Ocean Shores. Had a good time in the sun and burnt the crap out of myself!

    Anyone interested in a bunch of event photos, go to my blog.
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