October SCREAMIN Deals - $39 Oil Change, $199 Minor Service, $399 Major Service

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  1. Don't let fall scare you away from maintenance!

    Three levels of SCREAMIN deals:

    $39 Oil Change
    $199 Minor Service
    $399 Major Service
    *(Parts & tax not included)

    Call us to schedule your appointment today 253-397-4474 or info@kfgracing.com

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    OK thanks for being a site sponsor

    but before I can evaluate the offer,

    what is included in each of the three levels of service?

    (I can do my own oil change, w filter for $8 in parts and 10 minutes of my time $30,)
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  4. Minor Service: 2.0 - 3.0 (Depending on Bike)

    Engine & Carburetors:

    &#8226; An oil change
    &#8226; New oil filter
    &#8226; New air filter (or cleaned)
    &#8226; New NGK spark plugs
    &#8226; Replace coolant

    Chassis & Brakes:

    &#8226; Battery checked - terminals; clean and tight, electrolyte level, held down securely.
    Vent Tube - not kinked, routed properly, not plugged.
    &#8226; Brake calipers removed & cleaned
    &#8226; Brake pistons degreased
    &#8226; Chain adjustment, cleaned and lubrication
    &#8226; Frame - cracks at gussets, accessory mounts, look for paint lifting
    &#8226; General lubrication and inspection
    &#8226; Hydraulic fluid system flushed
    &#8226; Levers & pivots cleaned and lubricated
    &#8226; Lights checked - headlight, taillight, brake light & turn signals
    &#8226; Steering - Head Bearings, no decent or tight spots through full travel, raise front wheel, check for play by pulling/pushing forks.
    &#8226; Suspension - Front Forks, smooth travel, equal air pressure/damping, anti-dive settings. Rear Shock - smooth travel, equal pre-load/air pressure/damping settings, linkage moves freely and is lubricated
    &#8226; Swingarm Bushings/Bearings, raise rear wheel, check for play by pushing/pulling swingarm
    &#8226; Throttle & clutch adjustment
    &#8226; Tire pressures checked and adjusted, check tread depth, wear, weathering, evenly seated, bulges, embedded objects

    Major Service: 4.0 - 8.0 (Depending on Bike)

    Everything listed above +

    &#8226; A thorough check of your valve clearances (adjusted if needed)
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    Where do you get your free oil? Recycling isn't always a good thing...crackup:
  6. Any specials on Ohlins TTX Shock Service? :)
  7. Great deal! I'll be calling soon for a major on my FZ1.
  8. Just mention you're a PNW member, 10% off!
  9. I just might do this, gotta get a full check-up done on a bike I just bought.
  10. Does this include a full brake bleed / fluid flush (the minor service?)
  11. I'm going to go with, yes.
  12. Yes sir!
  13. Bump..... special still going on for two weeks.
  14. If anyone is trailering a bike from north (I'm in bellevue) to KFG for service, if you have space in your trailer or truck and can take my bike there for a servicing, I would be very grateful!
  15. U work on Buells? I need my valves adjusted ... shit. I need my chain serviced.... shit... I need... to figure out what the fucking high pitch whining coming from my bike is.. really tho
  16. Does this apply to Harley's?
  17. Some, give us a call or email to let us know what Buell you have.
  18. Sorry, we don't typically work on Harleys.
  19. Auh Dang...
  20. Screamin deal I say.. wish I were closer I need a major done one my duc...think their picky on it being done by a ...duc cert tech tho :(...399 instead of 1200 sounds mighty fine to me

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