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Official Rollcall: USA MOTOGP 2012 @ Laguna Seca

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by KNanthrup, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. There have been a lot of scattered threads out there in different sections but I'd like to pull it all together now that we're just over a week away. I'm getting knots in my stomach as I start to put together my packing plans.

    I'm curious to hear, who all is going, what you're riding, what sort of rough itenerary you're holding, and where you'll be.

    I'll start...

    What: I'll be on my CBR1000 with just a backpack full of supplies. Rearsets adjusted all the way as relaxed as they'll go. I feel like packing is going to be tough and I'll really have to go the minimalist route... wearing leathers and packing light stuff like tshirts, flipflops, shorts.

    How: Leaving Seattle on Tuesday the 24th evening. Staying in Portland that night and then spreading out the miles over the next 3 days. Down I5 over grants pass, then heading out 299 and back on 36 just because those roads look awesome. Then south down 101 and targeting to get to Monterey by mid-day on Friday. Slightly different route on the way back.. probably taking I5 up to Red Bluff and then hitting the other section of 36, then all the way up 3 to connect and cross over grants pass, crossing over to connect to 62 and then 97 up past Bend, up through the Dalles and crossing over to take some backroads through the cascades to get back by the evening of Weds the 25th.

    Where: We're likely staying in Monterey near downtown. Backup plan is Salinas. At the track, we bought the turn 4 special so probably be around that area for part of the time. I'll be wearing my 2 Wheel Dynoworks Tshirt reppin for Nels, so if you spot me be sure to say hi.

    Hope to run in to a lot of you down there. It's gonna be an amazing weekend! :301
  2. I hate you....

    Keep an eye out for Jake Holden killing it on his 2 Wheel Dynoworks tuned CBR1000RR! That's the do not miss race of the weekend

  3. I'm there.

    Leaving Friday afternoon with my Duc in the back of the truck (I wish I had the time to ride it), coming back Monday morning.
    I have Parts Unlimited tent, Red Bull passes and Press passes, son!
  4. It's not too late Dan...
  5. if anyone is driving a pickup and has room to haul a bike from Olympia then return one to olympia from Laguna please send me an email.. I cna help pay some of your fuel bill for the trip.

  6. Four of us from the B-ham will be there, we are leaving bright and early Monday AM (7-23-12), Route is Super :ninja: Secret, but 299 and 36 are most defintely on the agenda to hit up. we will be staying in Salinas. Just look for a Burnt Candy Orange Busa w/ hardbags (AKA Escalade Mode). blingblin:
  7. You mean the super secret route that's posted Here? :nana

    I'll keep an eye out for you guys. I was originally wanting to tag with your group but couldn't dedicate the extra time for your itenerary. If our hookup in Monterey doesn't pan out then we'll be at the same motel as you in Salinas.
  8. Riding up the coast from San Diego all day Saturday, staying the night in Watsonville (Unless someone wants to save some cash and has got room for me to crash on the floor Saturday night and leave my bags there until after the races on Sunday! If so PM me ASAP so I can cancel my reservation!). I was only able to make it up for race day this year.
  9. Slabbing down in the pimp van Wed. General camping.
  10. I have been going down almost every year for the last 20 or so. Route suggestion. Take Hwy 96 right after you cross into Cal, that will put you in willow creek on 299 than take 299 back to weaverville and pickup hwy 3 just past the town will feed you into 36 and follow all the way to the 101. Than hit Hwy 1 at Leggett. and you can taske the coast all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge plent of nice sections of road.
  11. Phil, if you're taking 3 all the way to 36, you're missing the best part of 36. Take wildwood rd to 36, it'll dump.onto 36 right before the fun stuff.
  12. I am down there for the week not doing the races this year would rather just ride. So do not be concerned I will be doing all of the roads several times.
  13. Not concerned at all :) I lived in Hayfork and then platina for 6 years, worked for the forest service out of forest glen there. Then 2 years in susanville. Been on pretty much every rd within 50 miles of there quite a bit.
  14. Are_Six

    Are_Six Moderator Staff Member

    Heading down with 2 friends. Leaving Thursday, get to San Jose Saturday. Only have tickets for Sunday. Renting a UHaul for the return. Just slabbing it on I-5 the whole way home. Might have room for a spare bike coming back up.
  15. If you get the chance to hit Hwy 66 from Ashland to Klamath Falls you might enjoy that too. Then shoot up to Bend.
  16. Wow that's a lot of slabbing for 3+ days of riding. If you're taking that much time to make it to Monterey, it would seem you'd have plenty of time for exploring some good roads. Any of these links would be good for the way down or the way back.

    As to leaving from Seattle, why not take 7 from Spanaway to Morton, then US12 to Randle. From there you can take awesome Forest Service roads all the way to the Columbia River Gorge, come back toward civilization on WA14 to I-5 and onto the first link below. The only parts of this link that's not so stellar is parts of the route between Randle and Windy Ridge road on NF25, and the worst of that section is going NB, not SB:

    In Portland, rather than slabbing all the way to Grants Pass. You could get some really nice riding taking backroads all the way from Estacada to Oakridge via these roads (get to Estacada via OR224 of of I-205 east):

    In between these two links you take 22 south to 126/20 west and you reach this road of off 126, the McKenzie Highway:

    From there if you want a break go back to I-5 via 58. You can slab down to Cottage Grove and try this one next and come back out to I-5 with only about 40+ miles of slabbing to do on I-5 before you reach Grants Pass:;FdomkwIdlMil-A&mra=dme&mrsp=2&sz=10&t=m&z=10

    Of all these three links, I've ridden the first three numerous times, but cannot vouch for the road conditions on the last one. Perhaps someone else can. Most Forest Service roads are pretty well maintained, but I've come across a couple in Oregon that were downright pitiful...and that's being very charitable. (the one I'm referring to is Nestucca/Wilamina/Bible Creek roads--extremely poor, ridiculously BAD roads).

    As to Hwy 36 in northern California, almost all of the stretch between Red Bluff and 101 on the Coast is epic...well worth going out of your way for.
    101 is a nice ride for most of the route, and US199 in between Grants Pass and Crescent City starts out straight but becomes really nice as you get along a river and head into the redwoods.

    I haven't ridden to Laguna for several years, and I miss that kind of riding!

    Have fun!
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  17. Looks like the final word is that we're gonna be neighbors in Salinas. See y'all there!
  18. Hope y'all have a safe trip.

    But pls do us CA ding dongs a favor, if you're splitting lanes, be aware of your 6 o'clock and clear a path for riders splitting at a faster pace.

  19. Quicklimegirl,
    Thanks for your input... we will take some of these ideas in to account. I know that for me personally, I've never ridden to NorCal so I'm still trying to figure out the best routes. The trickiest part is balancing the time limitations and the sore-butt limitations against the different routes that enhance the fun-factor.
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