Oh marco

Discussion in 'Racing' started by Ordrock, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. What a sad thing to happen. I really liked that young man. I believed that he was going to be a champion soon.

    There will be all these stories about how dangerous motorsports are and all that crap. This warrior loved what he was doing. I believe he did not want to go this soon, but I feel he died doing what he loved.

    I will miss not seeing him and his best friend yucking it up, Rossi's heart is broken for two reasons. Mine too; I cannot imagine the guilt that he must be feeling right now.

    Rest In Peace little brother. God loves you too.
  2. No doubt VR is sad,however he has been racing all his life . He is aware of the risks to both himself and the other racers. Yes,no doubt he loved his life long racing and personal freind .But Guilt! I think not,it was a freak accident.When was the last time anyone has seen the front tire regain traction in a low side. RIP #58 You will be missed.

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