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Oh marco

Discussion in 'Racing' started by Ordrock, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Ordrock

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    Medford, OR
    What a sad thing to happen. I really liked that young man. I believed that he was going to be a champion soon.

    There will be all these stories about how dangerous motorsports are and all that crap. This warrior loved what he was doing. I believe he did not want to go this soon, but I feel he died doing what he loved.

    I will miss not seeing him and his best friend yucking it up, Rossi's heart is broken for two reasons. Mine too; I cannot imagine the guilt that he must be feeling right now.

    Rest In Peace little brother. God loves you too.
  2. bnalz

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    Grants Pass
    No doubt VR is sad,however he has been racing all his life . He is aware of the risks to both himself and the other racers. Yes,no doubt he loved his life long racing and personal freind .But Guilt! I think not,it was a freak accident.When was the last time anyone has seen the front tire regain traction in a low side. RIP #58 You will be missed.
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