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Oil light stays on after oil pan change

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by AndyCatts, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. Long story short, I broke my oil pan. Pulled it all apart, replaced it with a new one. Had no problems, everything went smoothly.

    Got the bike all put back together, did a fresh oil change with 4q synthetic (spec is 3.8q, but I figured more drained out with the full tear-down.)

    Started the bike up tonight and the low oil light came on. Normal after an oil change...for like 5~seconds. It stayed on for at least 30s before I got scared and shut if off. Oil indicator window shows full oil, no leaks, everything looks good...any ideas? I don't want to break the bike, but wtf? :scratchea

    Bike is a 2003 Kawi ZX-6R 636.
  2. Did you put in a new oil filter too? Maybe that thing is clogged so badly, that it is blocking flow? You didn't leave a rag inside in there and tighten it snug?

  3. Sensor wire come loose?
  4. Just a shot in the dark, but maybe the oil pickup is too close to the bottom of the pan not allowing the oil to flow?:scratchea
  5. good luck, fingers crossed
  6. More than likely, you got it here. The 03/04 gen is known for this issue after an oil/filter change. I usually have to "burp" the filter after every change. A sure tell sign: If you see oil through the window before firing it, then you fire it up and if that oil doesn't rapidly go down, you gots no oil flow. Burp the filter and you should be good. As long as you don't have any extra parts laying around after your pan replacement 8)
  7. by the way, don't totally unscew the filter. back it up just enough to break the seal from the case. make sure you have an oil pan underneath too. Once you fire it up, quickly check for oil flow out of the loose filter, then tighten it right away. Your oil light should go off and the window should appear empty of oil (cause it's now pumping through the engine).
  8. Sounds like the right solution stevieb. Nice.
  9. Sounds like a dang messy oil service.
  10. OK thanks for the quick replies! Quick clarification on the steps to hopefully resolve this:

    Do I:
    1. Start bike engine
    2. Loosen oil filter until seal is broken
    3. Quickly tighten back down

    or do I loosen it before I start the bike?

    BTW, the link someone posted has just a link to another forum which is broken...
  11. I'd go this route:
    1. Back the filter off just slightly, and then give it a very light tight twist just to keep things contained. Put oil pan under the filter area. Nothing will "spray" out, just expect a good dribble once you start the bike.
    2. Start engine.
    3. Immediately unscrew filter to break the seal (about a 1/4 - 1/2 turn) until you see oil.
    4. Hand tighten it back so it seals up as the bike contenues to run.
    Things you should notice:
    Oil pressure indicator goes off.
    Oil in window should disappear or at least mostley.
    Valvetrain should sound much happier.
  12. vagrant

    vagrant »-(¯`·.·´¯)-> PNW

    Also used to happen on the 04/05 zx-10r. A way to mitigate the likelihood of it happening is to fill the new filter with oil before you install it. Yes, you will loose a little of your precious oil, but it prevents the air bubble being trapped in the first place. Using this method, I never had a problem with my '03 636 (or any of my bikes for that matter).
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2010
  13. erickb

    erickb Mr. PNW Riders 2007

    man I have done many changes on my wifes 03 636 and never had any of these issues, now my 03 R6 lets not talk about that crackup: :banghead: :angry7:
  14. TwistedTimes

    TwistedTimes HondaKilla

    if you broke the pan running into something, this is very likely.

    1. Take it apart, check your work.
    2. Read the manual, verify clearance and torque specs.
    2. Ask the internet for help.

    In that order, in fact call a shop before asking the internet :thumblef:
  15. I would absolutely second (or third) the suggestion of pre filling the filter.
  16. I've never had this issue before, it's a first for me. I didn't break the pan running into it, I think the crush washer was bent, so when I tightened it *crack* the pan split. :rant I'll try the "burping" method and see what happens.
  17. Hurrah! Thank you guys so much! The burp trick fixed it, oil is now flowing and it's all good. Was seriously freaking me out last night...I did NOT want to take it all apart again. :mfclap:
  18. good deal man. While pre-filling the filter before you put it on can help, it's not an absolute from what I have experienced. The burp method works just the same everytime. I just like saying BURP too cause it's fun.
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