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ok here is goes PHOTO TAG

Discussion in 'Yakima' started by StropeSled, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. TAG Rules

    1. You ride to the current tag photo.
    2. You photograph your bike at that location in approximately the same orientation as the original.
    3. First person to post the photo is now “it”.
    4. You have 24 hrs to ride to, photograph and submit your new photo tag.
    5. Tag location must be within reasonable distance, let’s say within a 30 min radius of Yakima. (Now if it’s just outside or close to said boundary that's fine).
    6. Another rider must then tag your photo.
    7. If your tag location was previously tagged, it will not count, on account that it would be lame to repeat photo tag spots, might be a good idea to get a few pics so you have an alternate.

    *** If you don't post your new tag photo within 24~36 hrs, the original tag is still up for grabs.

    Oh yeah, If I may before I forget... TAG! YOUR IT!
    Quick hint its an rv park
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2011
  2. 2 Reasons I won't grab this one.

    1. Cuz I was with you when you took the pic...

    2. Cuz I can't find my bloody camera to tag the next spot.


  3. lol BTW watched your vids...not bad for an ipod..nice that you had it in your helmet cuts down on wind noise nice
  4. you can always tag it tomorrow do know where its at...might be the point
  5. I am all over this one. Just have to find time to get out there. Nice tag, I think it is a pretty difficult one.
  6. ya well our ride on sunday will go right past'r better get it in before sunday lol
  7. im fairly certain i know this one..... and well.... prob shouldnt ride right now
  8. Apparently I need to get out more....:scratchea lol
  9. might not be a bad idea....

    IIRC thats out past my house a ways.... kinda an over the river and through the woods way though
  10. Is it on the way to grandmother's house?
  11. If grandmother lives in Ellensburg, and one likes to get dirty while they ride, then....yes. :mrgreen:
  12. And that would be why I don't know where its at lol I never go to Eburg.

    Although the one time I did, a deer jumped over me....that
  13. Here you go.

    And here is the next one. I thought I'd start with an easy one.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2011
  14. Oh I got this! My mom works there.:evil4:
  15. ...still diggin thru boxes looking for my camera...:banghead:

    Kinda stupid, my iPod takes nice video, but for some reason still pics are not an option....and my phone's not internet-enabled.

    I'll find my snapper eventually.... :banghead: :banghead:
  16. Yes, but it's a crappy one, and I don't have a simple means to transfer pics to my computer...

    Somewhere..(CRASH!)...around here..(SLAM!)...I have a...(THUD!)....proper CAMERA!!

  17. Really? Who is your mom?
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