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OMRRA attractions this weekend (June 23/24)

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by knowmad, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. This weekend is round 3 of 7 at Portland International Raceway. The forecast is mixed but we could see the system move out quickly and dry the track for the weekend (it happened that way during round2). So don't miss out. This Saturday, an electric vehicle festival, EV Live, will have demonstrations, drives and rides of 1 to 4 wheeled vehicles. Come out and see the future of transportation. Also joining us for the first time at Portland International Raceway is the TTXGP - an eGrandPrix for electric superbikes. Come check all the teams out from around the country including local manufacturer and Isle of Man TT Zero winner, Motocyzsz. This year, Motocyzsz won the event with a record setting 104MPH pace over the 37 mile course. The eGrandPrix will be a spectacle, running both Saturday and Sunday, no two-wheeled enthusiast would want to miss. As if that wasn't enough, sidecars will join OMRRA for the first of two events at PIR. The sidecars are a spectator favorite.

    Come join us at Portland International Raceway this Saturday and Sunday. Admission is $10 (12 and under FREE). Join us on Facebook for upcoming announcements on events at


  2. Do they need any corner or track helpers, I would like to donate my time on Sat or Sun.
    could use some experience and partake in my favorite hobby. Thanks Doug.
  3. What time does this start Saturday?
  4. Yes...please come out. Volunteers meet up at 8:30am at the inside tower. Pay $10 to get in, but it will be reimbursed.
  5. Safe places to park are rides? I can do Sunday!!!
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  6. Yucky rain! Hope Everyone's safe!

    I rode through snow sleet and rain to get to SBK at Miller but the rain today is somehow too much! Sorry OMRRA!!! Still love ya though! : (
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  7. Changed my mind and went!!! I was the crazy lady in the bleachers at turn 9 clapping and yelling! Buncha cool people around just sitting there doing nothing! Oh well my blood gets pumpin when I hear a hot track!

    Great job despite the wet and torrential downpour! You guys rock!!!
  8. More racing and electric bikes tomorrow. The MotoCzysz bikes are flying out there...sound incredible. The Brammo bike is also getting along pretty well. Others aren't as fast, but all interesting.

    Come on out Sunday and check it out.
  9. I'd be out but I gotta work : ( Good luck!!!
  10. I was very disappointed to learn that the MotoCzysz was a DNS. The Brammo was a country mile ahead of all other bikes. I was really hoping to see some actual racing in the top class but no such luck.
  11. One of the MotoCzysz bikes overheated yesterday due to not being configured for PIR -- they got the bikes back from Isle of Mann Friday night. They didn't have time to reconfigure and didn't want to risk damaging them by running them on Sunday.

    That said, I doubt there would have been much of a race if the Czysz bikes had run. They were significantly faster than the Brammo bike even though the Brammo bike was no slouch.
  12. Did you hear how the one rider is doing after his crash in #8.. They rolled the box on that one..
  13. Nice shots, I was on turn 4 all day..
  14. His update was posted on our official facebook page ( Kinzer is doing fine. He was released from the hospital last night. He's a bit bumped and bruised. Join us on FB. We have sweet pics and gobs of information over there.
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