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OMRRA Taste of Racing (TOR) at PIR this weekend

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by knowmad, May 30, 2012.

  1. Where: Portland International Raceway
    Dates: Saturday, June 2nd and Sunday, June 3rd (weather and time permitting)
    When: During lunch time.
    TOR Cost: $20 for 20 minutes (approx. and if the schedule permits)
    Gate Cost: $10 (gate discount available at under the Info tab)

    Proceeds go to OMRRA’s Injured Riders Fund.

    Taste of Racing (TOR) is an opportunity for motorcycle enthusiasts to experience the thrill of riding on a track where you won't get a ticket! Sound like fun? Want to try it out? Keep reading.

    OMRRA partners with Motofit Group and they run the show. Promising ‘more smiles per mile’ they setup at the base of the inside tower; look for the MotoFit Group Sprinter van. Show up early during a track crossing (approx 10am) to reserve your spot and take in the races.

    - Registration Opens at 10:30a
    - Tech Inspection Opens at 10:45a
    - Riders Meeting at 11:45a
    - Be ready to go when lunch begins (usually between 12-1p)

    Basic Rules:
    TOR runs during dry conditions ONLY and if the regular schedule has not been truncated due to unforeseen circumstances.
    All riders are required to attend the rider’s meeting.
    Passing must be performed safely with a minimum 6-foot cushion.
    Absolutely NO PASSING in turns 7,8, or 9.
    Gear Requirements - Good helmet, No jeans (textiles are OK though), Boots that cover the ankle, Gauntlet style glove are advised. Back Protectors are highly recommended.
    Your bike must be in sound mechanical shape with no leaks.

    Look at this experience as an organized ride in a controlled environment - no trophies, contingency or cash prizes. You win by completing the session with a smile on your face.
  2. Here are some gate coupons to print off and save $2 on gate entry, swing by the #79 pits and say Hi!


  3. When is the next TOR scheduled? Is this on any schedule I can look up?
  4. June 23-24.............Sprint Races, TTXGP, Sidecars

    just go to OMRRA
  5. dirtburch

    dirtburch Motofit Group

    We are really starting to get a solid group of regulars, come on out and have some fun.

    Registration & Tech open @ 10:30
    GEAR - Must have textiles at a minimum. Leathers do not have to zip together. No JEANS. Boots must cover the ankle, and Gauntlet style gloves are advised. Back protector is highly recommended
    BIKE - all brands shapes and sizes are welcome.
    TECH - Bike must be in sound mechanical condition - no leaks - brake & clutch lever cannot be broken off - missing the ball on the end - brake pads & chain in good working order - fork seals (no leaks) - handlebar range of motion should be free of restriction and or hardware - tires in good condition no cords - clean bikes are welcome, be prepared and give your bike a thorough inspection ensure you don't get turned away. (we seriously hate doing that)
    RIDERS MEETING - around 11:45 + about 15 minutes prior to ride time.
    Corner Workers - If you want to work a corner, we will reimburse your gate fee. Please email my wife if you are interested, it's fun, interesting and in my opinion a great view of the action as well as a great responsibility - we can't do this without corner workers.

    Any additional questions - 503.806.4378 or

    See you at the track,

    Rob Burch
    MotoFit Group LLC,
  6. Thanks Melbs, I knew I was just being dumb and couldn't find it on there page. Sadly my new rearsets won't be here in time for the next TOR. I'm sure having functional rear brakes is kinda a requirement lol.
  7. i'll be there if I get a sitter
  8. Lot of interesting stuff going on this weekend at OMRRA/PIR -- electric motorcycles and sidecar racing.
  9. Sidecars looked pretty cool crusing the pits at the last round a couple weeks ago.:evil4:
  10. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Wife is gone for the weekend so....gonna see if I can get the neighbor in on this provided the weather holds! WOOOT!!
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