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On 167 tonight (9-11)

Discussion in 'Westside' started by 2 dizzy, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. To the twatwaffle that was on 167 south between 405 and auburn ( between 9:30 pm an 10 pm) on the black bike.....

    1. Dumbass, I was riding 2-up taking a girlfriend of mine home. I'm not sure what the whole "tag" shit you had going on was, but I'm not about to race you when I have someone riding with me.

    2. I really want to commend you on your choice of riding gear. Sneakers and sweatpants. That was hardcore man. Hope when you go down, those sweatpants hold up. Although I did love the jacket. Nice Scorpion Eternity jacket. (I know what it was cause I have the same one.) Just one thing about those jackets........... THEY WORK BETTER WHEN YOU ZIP THEM UP you fucking douchenozzle.

    Now I admit, that seeing you layed over on your gas tank with your feet kicked back and on your passenger pegs was awesome...... especially with your unzipped jacket flapping around behind you like you just stole batmans cape and were making a run for it.

    Fucking rag-nugget.
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  2. hey's a rag nugget?

    if its what I think you're a sick fucker!:thefinge:

  3. Missed connection??? :scratchea
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  4. Definitely. LOL
  5. I've never heard that one before, I like it!
  6. Rag nugget? That's a new one, kinda goes well with "Shame trench", might have to borrow that one. Decent enough rant, I give it a 7/10. Stealing Batman's cape and Rag Nugget definitely helped. Next time post pics of girl, kthnxbai

  7. I agree-good rant... a fairly descriptive post that leaves the reader with a smile on their face and a brand new piece of vocab to use as well.... I give it a 8/10
  8. Is your girl hot? I think there was some haterism goin on.
  9. pics of your girl please
  10. Ok ok ok. I'll get pics of the girl today when I see her. We're taking bartending class together, and I give her a ride home every night after class. I'll be sure to get a couple pics today and post them up as long as someone keeps the thread bumped somewhere near the top so I don't have to look for it when I get home.
  11. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...

    first off i don't crash so i only wear gear to make my mom happy when i leave the house.
    second i wasn't trying to race you on your slow ass r6. my gixxer1k would kick that piece of craps ass in first gear. i was just trying to point out that your rear tire looked low.
    as for the batman pose i'd been riding all the way since kirkland. i was tired and cramped from sitting on my crotch rocket for so many miles and was just taking a little stretch break mkay?
  12. Im curious what gear your gf was wearing. I suspect this would turn your post into something fairly hypocritical. Pics required.
  13. hey, 2 dizzy,

    at least he bought a bike he could ride.

    pnwRIDERS (note: not pnwBIKESELLERS)

  14. :popcorn:+1
  15. ??
  16. First off I wasn't on the R6. I was on the Gixxer. LOL. I sold the R6 on Friday. So that bike is gone. Nice try though.

    She was wearing a helmet, leather jacket, gloves, jeans and shoes. The only "gear" she didn't have on was riding boots. Other than that I provided her with everything she'd need to wear to be safe.
  17. Not MY gf. Just a girlfriend of mine. I go to class with her.
  18. That therrrr is some funny shit.
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