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On/Off road ride in PDX this weekend

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by 1badhusky, May 18, 2012.

  1. Anyone up for it? I've got a pretty fun route that'll take you to Scappose via tarmac and gravel, but would like to find other places close in to Portland to get off road.

    I can ride Sat or Sun, but can only go for a 3-4 hours.
  2. I'm planning on cruising around lolo pass and maybe some powerline trails saturday morning. I'm running mx knobbies and plan to use them a couple of times up there, your welcome to tag along.... Might be another person going, not sure yet.

  3. I was up Lolo a few weeks ago and the road was barricaded about two miles past the turn off to Ramona falls area due to a wash out.
  4. Probably missed this- I'm heading out this afternoon. Anyone else?
  5. I went out riding on the north side of the river.

    Mt St Helens in the background.
    Another dead end.
    Stymied by tire choice.
    Destroyed the turn signal when I crashed.
    Got all dusty too.
  6. marmot rd to lolo pass... the gate was easy to get around...
  7. damn - I want to go to there! Both of those places! Are you guys riding Memorial Day weekend?
  8. I'll ride when ever. Can even run up to lolo after work on the weekdays, or turn it into an all day excursion on the weekend.
  9. I'll be KOI fishing Saturday, but plan to be out an about Sunday. DRZ and I could use a mud bath and what-ever after that...
  10. Where is this lolo pass? Got an address or google maps?

    Hey Wildman - we rode together a few times a couple summers ago when I had a husky sm610. How's it going?

    I'll be camping out in Troutdale on the Sandy this weekend, so love to get a dual sport ride out east hooked up for Sat and Sun.
  11. Up hwy 26 towards mt hood just before rhodedendron. I just go up and goof around come back. Have not done any loops or one ways yet. I take marmot rd to barlow trail rd to lolo pass rd. Need to explore more, and get a gps or map.
  12. lolo is open. the concrete barricade is gone.. still too much snow to make it to lost lake. passable snow on a couple of other side roads, forgot the numbers allready..
  13. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    Fun times. You go right past my house getting to this :)

    I really need to finish the very very minimal amount of work needed to make my WR400 a dual sport. It's already plated from the previous owner, I just need to slap a few things on the beast and get a second set of wheels for tires that are a bit more dual sporty. Pavement kills dirtbike tiers :(
  14. you live on marmot rd or dodge park rd? i avoid 26 as much as i can on the thumper. hurry up and get the WR plated. im running non DOT mx knobs and they are wearing down pretty quick,time to watch craigslist for tires.
  15. 6/10. Anyone going to go play Offroad today? Thinking about goofing around on lolo after the weather warms up a bit. Maybe around noonish?
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