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One week from tomorrow Sept 26

Discussion in 'Yakima' started by ninjaplay, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Rolling Thunder…
    Date: Wed., September 26, 2012
    (It’s Pepsi Day at the Central Washington State Fair!)
    Time: 1 p.m. – Meet at Owens Cycle
    What: Motorcycle Run through Yakima PLUS a Show & Shine at the Fair. It’s Pepsi Day
    at the Fair and it isn’t just for the kids! We want big kids with cool toys to join us for a
    fun afternoon. Of course, Non‐Harley riders are welcome too!
    1:00 p.m. Meet at Owens Cycle on North First Street, Yakima.
    (Fair will issue wristbands for fair admission and beads
    for distribution at the retirement homes.)
    1:30 p.m. SHARP! Kickstands up! Depart from Owens and visit several
    retirement homes delivering “Fair beads.”
    3:30 p.m. Enter Fairgrounds through Gate #3 off of Fair Avenue
    from Nob Hill.
    Stage bikes in front of Agriculture Building.
    Fair Security will direct.
    6:30 p.m. Exit fairgrounds with bikes. Those that participate in
    the ride are welcome to move their bikes into the Gold
    Lot after exiting through Gate 3 at 6:30 p.m. You may
    return to enjoy the Charlie Daniels Band concert at 7
    p.m. on the Budweiser Stage. Your wristband is your
    credential for entry. Reserved seats for the concert are
    available to purchase through
    There is also limited free seating available for the
    Many seniors who reside in retirement communities are no longer able to attend the fair because of
    physical limitations. Take a little piece of fun to them while you, as a group, enjoy your toys for an
    afternoon ride. Then show off your bikes to the fairgoers.
    Mark your calendars for September 26!
    Please note that all bikes/riders must have an appropriate credential for Fair entry. Credentials will be
    issued at Owens Cycle prior to the ride. You must arrive as ONE group for entry to the Fair. No late
    arrivals and no early departures. You must come and go together for security and safety reasons.
    Owens Contact: Duane Worrell, 509.575.1916, opt. 2
    Fair Contact:

  2. These are just old kids. Hit about 5 of these locations, and if you're going to not interrupt a meal time or sleep, this will work. On the weekends family members are visiting. So if you are staging an event such as this then Wed at this time brings a host of happy faces waiting and watching for the bikes.
    If you have ever done anything like this before you'd know how important it is to the people in the retirement centers to know that they are not forgotten. If you want a great feeling, don't miss this event even if you have to take time from work. It's an event that gives the riders more in return than the people you are visiting.:mfclap:
  3. Sounds great but I just can't swing it on a weekday.
  4. I have been on em, but just a killer to have at 1PM in the middle of the workday for most. If it was on a Friday I would have been there. Or a Monday.

    Well, I will spread the word to my out-of-work friends.
  5. Thinking I might go to this, how big of a group would you say is going? Are the fair vouchers free? Or is it $10 for admission?
  6. Fair ticket is free. There was about 30 last year. Mostly Harley types. Vets, retirees, business owners, and those that worked different shifts. Maybe even some that were unemployed, although the bikes I saw did not represent that group. You won't forget this ride if you go, highly recommended, and a day at the fair after the ride. I think if I recall I was the only sports bike of the bunch. After the ride they opened up the gate and we ran our bikes in along the path and parked out in front of one of the big large exhibit halls for a few hours and the people checked out our bikes, and then we were given free parking close in along the fence to the entrance once we were ushered out of the fair, and we continued checking out the fair after reparking our bikes.:mfclap:
  7. Today is the day, I'm going to have coffee about 12:30 at n town coffee on 1st and a and then ride over to owens about 1 if anyone wants to join in. I would have been at it earlier, but my dog found a skunk, and just had to have it. So I'm on skunk wash duty just as soon as I google skunk diy mixes. I know the old standby tomato sause with parts of everything including the kitchen sink, and my dogs tail is still bleached out from 6 years ago when I used hydrogen peroxide in the mix. I just love this detail!
  8. New plan, we all meet at my house and wash my dog. After the 10th washing the scent is gone!
  9. Awesome time! Huge turnout! Very cool bikes! This kind of gathering needs to happen more often! Thanks again ninjaplay for the info and company!
  10. It was fun, but no matter how you advertise it on here, not much for turnout. There was 39 bikes, and only 3 sportsbikes, two of them yours. It was great fun and some outrageous bikes, nice hanging out with you too. We'll do it again next year!!! Maybe we'll get 4 sportbikes with 2 of yours in that count.:mfclap:
  11. :stir:
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  12. heh heh hehhhhhh......
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