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Open Trackday at PIR

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by Real Fast Travis, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Okay everyone, open trackday time! :mfclap:

    The date is 05/21/12; the place is PIR, Portland, OR

    Cost is $200.00

    Payment deadline 05/07/12

    Here is how this will work; there will be 40 riders, no more, no less.
    There will be control riders, corner workers, and medics.
    There will be tire service too.


    There will be photographer/s there...

    The format is open, so no groups or sessions. Just open tracktime, come and go as you please.

    This is a fun event, no egos, no competition, shut up and ride!

    Do to the limited number of riders, even though skill level will vary, there should be no issues. Everyone will have plenty of open track to ride on.

    This will be a rain or shine event, no cancellations or refunds, unless given by the track.

    This is a Monday, so noise regulations for the track are in effect, so if you have never ridden Portland on a Monday, please check first for the noise limits. I have never seen anyone have to leave over this, but be aware.

    Gear requirements……


    DOT approved, full face in good condition.


    Two piece full zip together, or one piece. Textile is ok, but leather recommended. Also, recommend CE armor and back protector.


    Full leather, no fingerless, full gauntlet recommended


    Over the ankle.

    Hearing protection recommended


    Motorcycle must be in good running condition, no fluid leaks or loose parts.

    Tires and brake pads must be in good condition.

    Remove, or tape mirrors, and blinkers. Tape headlight and taillight.

    There are a limited number of spots left, so first come(paid), first served.

    Here is how payments will go down....e-mail me, and then I'll send you the PayPal account name.

    So, post up in here if you have any questions, tell your friends, and get ready to ride!

    My e-mail.......

    Btw: I have control riders for this, but a few more wouldn't hurt. If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in volunteering to control ride, please e-mail, so we can discuss it. Thank you.
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  2. in and paid! so looking forward to this!

  3. This is verrrrrrry tempting. Only problem is ya never know what you're gonna get weather wise in May.:scratchea
  4. ahh, tempting, so far away though. not good at planning stuff.
  5. Not trying to be a dick, but an open trackday as your first one is not the best idea. There are gonna be guys A LOT faster than you. A tiered day style for your first few times out would be my recommendation.

    TRAIL BOSS Defiler of Threads

    Damn I wish this weren't so far away... Gas is killing me!

    Talk about a fun track with no traffic!
  7. +1
  8. :angry7: can't make it. This is turning out like last year when I couldn't make any of the early TDs and had to wait for the over crowded summer dates :rant
  9. I have never been on a track. Would this be a good idea to attend. I want to get a feel for it without all the crowds. The track days look intimidating to me.
  10. See previous posts...
  11. As stated earlier, an open format isn't really for the first time trackday.

    Find an organizer that offers coaching, or instruction, you won't regret it!
  12. In and paid. Get in while you can.

    As for "too far away"... One month? Wow... I have September track days paid for already.

    TRAIL BOSS Defiler of Threads

    400+ miles in an R/T Durango is brutal on the wallet, dude.
  14. In and paid!

    Come on people, think about it like this, you get 3 times the amount of on track time than with a tiered event.

    This will be a GREAT day! Dan, Kirk, and a few of us participated in one last OCT at thunder hill. It was a great time and not crowded by any means.

    And yes, I would not recommend this for either a king of Taste of Racing, or a brand new never been on track rider before. Every track day org that goes to PIR has great beginner schools (I've done them all) and you will learn much more by going that route.
  15. You got a month to siphon a gallon a day from your neighbors at 2 AM to make up for the gas for the trip.
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